Oct 12, 2015 - Black Lives Matter Stand in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

For Release October 11, 2015

Black Lives Matter stand in Solidarity with Indigenous People’s Day

Seattle Black organizers and activists stand in solidarity with Indigenous people who denounce Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus was not a hero to be celebrated, but in fact contributed to the ethnic genocide of one people and the kidnapping and enslavement of another. We, Black people, know the history of having our loved ones, cultures, and identities taken from us.

To begin to repair the effects of white settler colonialism on Indigenous and people of African descent we must eradicate the symbols and emblems of the white colonialism that stand today.

The work of decolonizing ourselves and the world around us is no small task. It is a mission that can only be led by those that have been most impacted by the injustices embedded in this nation. Our liberation is inextricably tied to shaking off the effects of white supremacy and colonization.

Abolishing Christopher Columbus day at the state and national level and reclaiming the day as Indigenous Peoples day is a step in the right direction. We can begin to heal the gaping wounds bleeding into the soul of our people.

As we Black people continue to struggle for our liberation in a land that is not our own, we understand that the liberation of our Indigenous sisters and brothers to be inextricably tied to our search for justice. For it is our ability to tell our own stories and share in the creation and passing down of history that we are empowered to alter the legacies of our people.

Oppression links us in our struggles, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing that binds us. Let us share the work of decolonizing the world around us. Let us say goodbye to a history that celebrates the harmful actions of a colonizer. Let us abolish this horrid holiday. An attempt has been made to take our lives and culture, yet we remain. Let us stand up, and let us rise up, together.

In power!

We would like to acknowledge the Protectors of this land, the Duwamish and Suquamish People. Thank you for allowing us to do this work on your land.

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Sarra Tekola, Community Organizer and Activist
Aila Barbour, Community Organizer and Activist
Bypolar, Community Organizer and Activist
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Palca Shibale, Community Organizer and Activist
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Ryant Taylor, Community Organizer and Activist
Hodan Hassan, Community Organizer and Activist

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