One thing I noticed in my life of analyzing the core supernatural beliefs of multiple peoples & cultures worldwide – is that grains of TRUTH permeate ALL human spiritual beliefs…maybe not readily noticeable by a cursory glance…but dissect them all piecemeal and you will see that I am right on this one, some natives say ‘we don’t believe in Evil’ so they dismiss any religion that refers to this very REAL phenomenon by name…..just because one set of people personify ‘evil’ as a guy in a red suit with horns and a pitchfork….does not mean that is what ‘evil personified’ truly is for everyone (if THIS is your culturally ingrained expected image – it will be)…..as sure as there is good there is bad (and VERY good is ‘holy’ – so therefore very bad is ‘Evil’), higher vibration frequencies (Love) – and lower vibration frequencies (Hatred), this is a universe of ‘necessary’ extremes…night must be separate from day, water from fire….all is cosmic balance.

The ‘trickster’ in some native American beliefs is in principle the same personification of the lower vibration (deceit, anger, jealousy, hatred etc.) that ‘Satan’ is to a Jew, Christian or Muslim, in Amazonia when we use the Ayahuasca vine we LITERALLY see ‘mother nature’, it is a divine feminine form that overflows with love and understanding and compassion for all living things….we also see a malevolent male entity full of deceit, anger and hatred for life and all living things (these two entities personify the spiritual Ying and Yang)…..and we see that our own free will allows us to choose to allow ourselves to be influenced by one or the other…the choice IS ours…..but this does NOT mean that the bad that befalls us is ‘our fault’…..a person who is strongly influenced by evil can and will harm someone else who is not….it may seem like a ‘victory’ of bad over good to you when this happens….but you must be mindful of the fact that the mortal form is actually the LEAST important and most transient of all….this is why so many teachers of spiritual wisdom tell you ‘fear not the entity that can harm the body – for it cannot harm the soul’…not unless YOU by your own free will surrender your soul to it….

To paraphrase Lumpkin:
Did you ever think that ‘Evil’ could be as simple in explanation as PERNICIOUS SELFISHNESS? Could it be that drive for immediate personal gratification without regard for others?

It continues to be pride that keeps us from seeing the truth of our own nature. Pride ITSELF blinds us to our own pride. Pride, arrogance and selfishness come from the same root of evil.

A self-centered viewpoint that takes no-one else into consideration is the root and cause of ALL evil….it drives you to control, dominate and consume. A tunnel vision that is so narrow that it includes ONLY the person and his/her own desires (a serial murderer/rapist for example cares ONLY about HIS/HER gratification).

Does evil have a reasoned intent to hurt, kill and destroy? Or is there an ego-maniacal innocence to evil?

Could it be that complete evil is actually a blind selfishness?

Does evil not arise from a refusal to consider the life, position, or feelings of others?

All Evil thoughts, actions, and feelings are based solely on fulfilling ones own desires at the expense or destruction of others (as we see in every war politicians wage in our names).

The feelings or welfare of others NEVER cross the mind of an evil being, the nature of evil is a twisted, myopic and self-centered view being made into reality.

This is why the WORST ‘advice’ you can give anyone – is to tell them ‘it is YOUR life – so you do whatever YOU want’…..this is the bedrock of SELFISHNESS – and it indoctrinates you (the idiot who holds it up as a some ‘great mantra’) to cultivate and EXCEL at a life of ‘all about ME’….always putting YOUR wants YOUR needs and YOUR desires first and foremost in EVERY decision you ultimately make….to hell with the rest of your family members, friends, ancestors who you will face again one day, descendants who will talk about the kind of person you were (in shame and disgrace) or the environment and billions of other lifeforms trying to live in it – that you inherited and will leave for future generations….because as long as it feels good or pleases YOU – then that is ALL that counts!

This is why the core mantra of Satanism (for those of you who do not know) is “Do as THOU wilt” (not “Do as thou should'”)….whether you have ever experienced an external manifested personification of evil as I and my family do, or not….I guarantee you that you HAVE experienced the internal manifestation of evil…..learn to recognize it for what it is, and begin to mitigate against the continuous self-destruction of your higher consciousness by this lower vibration frequency – and the ripple-effect of negativity that it is doing in your life and to ALL who come into contact with you…..do this, and the path to true enlightenment will reveal itself to you like an old best friend – welcoming you back into his home.

Last Real Indians