Sep 26, 2014 - Largest Climate Change March in History! #Memes #Selfies #Leonardo

Since contact, white people have been stealing. Stealing land, and water. Stealing our clean air. Stealing our lives, and our children. Stealing our culture, and our language from us. Now they are stealing our struggle and issues as well! Thus making it all about them, go figure. Climate change and justice is inherently linked to the willful ignoring and eradication of Indigenous rights and title, it is inherently linked to our genocide and the rape of our lands and waters! The Earth killing capitalist death machine and every modern convenience that makes life easier is linked back to us and the stark facts of genocide, and slavery and that these countries were built on top of us like we do not exist. Underneath this society built of mindless consumer barracks we are, murdered, raped, ignored, forgotten, used, abused and discarded when we are no longer convenient, this has been happening since contact. Yet again our struggle is being appropriated and negated by the seething homogeneous human masses and with no mention of what it really means to have true justice and change in terms of the climate and the fact that this means acknowledging the horrors past and present and giving us back our right to govern ourselves and our lands as we see fit. Like we did since time immemorial before contact. To the average settler and most especially rich or famous ones this is just crazy talk though, because very few settlers would give up the privilege of being a “citizen” of Amerikka and KKKanada for being governed by the Nation of the territory they reside on.

That would mean collapse of this “civilization”. That would mean a complete and utter return to a way of life that does not depend on skinning mountains alive, poisoning our water ways with toxic tailing ponds, and destroying whole rain forests for nothing. Nothing we cannot do without as the human animal we are. It is only the hubris of the dominant society that forgets we are all but animals living here on Mother Earth. Fact: many of the 400, 000 who marched and the couple thousand or so who flooded in NYC are already back to work so they can afford to pay for their small expensive dwelling spaces, and pay for energy to power said dwellings. Energy that comes from the pillaging of our natural resources and leaving a mess that may never be clean again. Like Imperial Metals did when the Mt Polley tailings pond disaster happened click this LINK” for more info! Not many are truly committed to actually just STOPPING these dead end careers in jobs that don’t matter and wont matter when we all die from doing NOTHING except marching and rallying. Who is actually ready and committed to QUITTING “civilization” and its excesses to be full time fighters in the war to save our planet? Not enough that is for sure. Because as humans many are scared of change, of major change, of giving up on unnecessary luxuries for the survival of future generations. Not many can fathom a life free from colonialism, and that nurtures and heals the lands and waters we need to survive. Something has to change for the masses to be awoken and made aware of how truly dire the situation is and how little time we have left to do something, anything!

Leo was right about many things, its def not as simple as changing light bulbs and buying organic. Its about radically and immediately creating a whole new landscape on our planet. Its about living communally and working together to ensure we can start the process of repairing the damage done to our lands and waters. Its about abandoning the cities and smashing the system and fake governments that are really just occupying military forces in disguise! Its about breaking down borders that keep our own people out of their homelands, and stopping the so called “government”. Its about sacrifice and reskilling ourselves. It is about stopping the insanity of this “global village” and getting back to the actual village and teaching our children respect, and responsibility. Teaching them to see beyond their lives in the right here and now, and to focus on a future that includes humanity and a healthy Mother Earth. Its about ensuring that their great grand children are prosperous and healthy within our ecosystems, as we are meant to be.

We have seen, and heard a great MANY better speeches and even given some ourselves, so many of us the indigenous to these lands have been saying the more evolved version of Leo’s speech but with more passion, because this truly is our homeland. How many times have we heard our highly esteemed and respected relatives and elders from all over Turtle Island speak up and out against these issues with their hearts in their throats and tears in their eyes so we can save the sacred lands and waters handed down to us by our ancestors? Amazing indigenous leaders and land defenders at many venues, to many different audiences have shouted to be heard! Notice how he does not mention his new besties the Indigenous he loves to use as decor for his photo ops while he jumps in our canoe and starts paddling!? We understand he is busy today at the very important UN Climate Summit (where a lot of talking happens and little change) but where was he and all the other celebs at flood wall street yesterday? Too real? If they were truly as into stopping climate change as they state, they might have thought it important enough to have been there to get arrested along with the other humans, and another thing to note: Leo is saying nothing new that settler activists haven’t been saying for a couple decades either, or ENGOS, among other groups. All of whom do their part at quelling and negating Indigenous “activists” in favor of the we are color blind and forgetful of the short history of the “amerikkkas” while dranking the kool aid happily pipe dream, slurp slurp.

When overly privileged rich pretenders actors who are rich and white say it, than it must be worth listening to, but to us he is just another settler Indigenous groupie who wants to have something of substance to cling to because they know their own history contains none whatsoever. Once hes used up his indigenous friends and milked their issues, or decides they are not spiritual enough, or feels they are too normal and mainstream, or they are all to real and affected by social ills, the benign almost casual racism will kick in and he decides he cant deal with their drama and rezitudesPTSD and dysfunctionalism that stems directly from the ugly poison plant that is genocide, and colonialism he will move on to more “valid” indigenous or abandon the whole thing all together and take up a new cause du jour. We have seen and experienced this too many times and have a healthy skepticism for this kind of solidarity and ally-ship. Somewhere in all this there is a lesson here and the truth: WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE LANDS AND WATERS HAVE BEEN SCREAMING THIS SINCE CONTACT! give credit where it is due. Support your local Indigenous.

In the Spirit of Resistance, Rage and Indigenous Love,

Xhopakelxhit ~ Ancestral Pride

Leonardo spouts pretty facts, that have already been said by US” <—- link to vid with transcript!

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