Sep 19, 2014 - Indigenous Spokesman Intercepted at Ukraine Airport Enroute to UN World Conference


Dr. Nadir Bekir, my dear brother and one, if not the most vocal International Indigenous Rights Advocate for the Crimean Tatar Peoples, was riding in a taxi towards the airport at Kiev, Ukraine, as he began his journey towards New York City to attend the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations, when the car was intercepted by a minibus. Four masked men jumped out, opened the car door and pulled Nadir to the ground. He offered no resistance. The masked men searched his belongings and took his mobile phone and his passport, even making a comment when they found and perused through his passport, at which point they hopped in the minibus again and left.

Nadir went to the police to file a report. It took over two hours, yet no attempt was made to go look for the attackers. Interestlngly, this was not a “typical robbery”, they took no money or belongings other than the mobile phone and his passport (which seems to be what they were truly looking for).

Given the situation between Ukraine and Russia, it is impossible to cross the borders between Crimea and the continental Ukraine without a Ukrainian or Russian passport. This will make it impossible for Dr. Nadir Bekir to attend the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, on September 22 – 23, 2014.

One could only wonder who is behind this incident, and at the same time….Is there someone who could FIX THIS and get Nadir here to the United States and rush a passport? Especially, if there are no intentions from “anyone” to block his attendance for such an important conference for Indigenous Peoples and him being, in my opinion, the most proactive advocate for the Crimean Indigenous Peoples in the International Arena?

Tai Pelli published at

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