Aug 9, 2014 - Traditional Diets and Health by Damon Corrie

Beyond the main tragic focus of this article, did you ever NOTICE – how NO ‘uncontacted Indians’ (who are all nomadic hunter-gatherers) are EVER fat, they are always slim and trim, now if it is ‘normal’ for some people to be fat in every society, how come in such traditional non-sedentary peoples this never occurs? We must examine again the effect of a sedentary lifestyle and diet on human physical condition. I believe NO human being was ‘born to be fat’…something else external came into play somewhere back down the line and gave rise to this phenomenon.

Sure when you watch the clip below released by the BBC last night you WILL see one big belly Indian wearing a short pants giving them a bunch of bananas, but note that this fat man is from the now sedentary Ashanika tribe that were settled into fixed villages decades ago (after becoming sedentary and semi-westernized they suddenly began to exhibit the physical degeneracy that urban peoples have so rampant in their ‘civilized’ societies.

Is this a ‘sustainable’ model to live by? Sedentary lifestyle + High technology (which only fosters ever more unnatural indoor laziness) = low health!

Yes your technology creates pills that can keep you alive longer (basically stringing you along to squeeze as many dollars out of your rotting frame as they can), but what quality of life do you have? I would prefer to die younger but fitter in general, still being able to do everything for myself that an adult is supposed to be able to do.

There ARE a few cases of sedentary Indians such as the Kogi in Colombia who regularly live to be fit centenarians with good dentition I might add, but they are TRADITIONAL, not westernized sedentary, so they do not eat a polluted diet; and they reject technology.

Think about it from the ‘bigger picture’ perspective, taking the FULL time span of man on this planet, the Industrial revolution – which gave rise to modern technology – was just 200 years ago…but for hundreds of thousands of years we lived active outdoor lives (and your skin produces Vitamin D best from natural sunlight)… sit on chairs indoors or in car seats (still technically ‘indoors’) all damn day – is NOT normal nor healthy, and we only have to look at our sickly pill-popping societies all around us to see the PROOF.

The FACT remains, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat a healthy diet and live a physically active outdoors lifestyle – and still be fat…so obviously YOU are doing something wrong (perhaps several things, examine what you eat, what you drink, how much time you spend indoors instead of outdoors, how much physical activity you do each day, etc. etc) if you are overweight.

There is a RIGHT way to live with the Earth, and a WRONG way to live with the Earth….choose the RIGHT way…..or watch your ‘modern world’ continue to decay – mentally, physically, and spiritually.


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