Aug 6, 2014 - Honor the Earth’s “Love Water Not Oil” August Tour


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From August to September, Native environmental organization, Honor the Earth, will sponsor an organizing and outreach tour in northern Minnesota, aimed at engaging communities and summer residents along one of many tar sands and fracked oil pipelines proposed to cross the North Country: the Enbridge proposed Sandpiper pipeline.

Not only is this tour about preventing the threat of pipelines, but it is also an act of solidarity to stop the extraction of tar sands and Bakken oil at their sources. We are linking in with Indigenous struggles at ground zero and engaging with communities who work in the struggle together to have clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink and resilient communities to protect the sacred for the seventh generation.

Please consider joining us for all or a portion of the tour.

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(Additional Tour Details Below Schedule)



13-l4th: Movie Screening
Fri/Sat Concerts at Tom’s Burned Down Cafe on Lake Superior’s Madeline Island, WI, 7 PM
with Pura Fe, Frank Waln, & Allison Warden

l6th: Mille Lacs Pow Wow
Concert at Tycoons, Duluth, MN 7PM
with Frank Waln, Pura Fe, & Allison Warden

l7th: Mille Lacs Pow wow
Concert at East Lake Community Center 7 PM
with Frank Waln, Sonny Johnson

l8th: Ceremony (AM, Location TBA), Launch of Horse Ride & A Morning Press Event at East Lake and then Ride to Aitken
Concert & Community Potluck in Aitken 6PM
with Pura Fe, Frank Waln, Sonny Johnson

l9th: Horse Ride From Aitken to Brainerd
Press Event, Potluck & Concert at Brainerd Arboretum 7 PM
with Pura Fe, Frank Wahn, Annie Humphrey, Sonny Johnson

20th: Horse Ride From Gull Lake to Pine River
Press Event & Potluck in Pine River 4PM (Location TBA)

2lst: Horse Ride From Pine River to Walker
Concet at Northern Lights Casino in Walker, MN 7 PM
with Frank Wahn


25th: Horse Ride From Walker to Park Rapids
Press Event, Concert & Community Potluck (PK Location TBA) 7 PM
special Guests Friends of the Headwaters
with Annie Humphrey, Dana Lyons, Dustin Thomas, Sonny Johnson

28th: Closing Concert & Community Potluck at Bemidji’s Rail River Folk School 5PM
with Dustin Thomas and Sonny Johnson

**Tickets are not needed for most events, this excludes Tom’s & Duluth, if this is a problem for you please contact our coordinator Alyssa:, (612) 385 – 1557.


Honor the Earth is in the midst of a major campaign to oppose the Enbridge expansions of the tar sands and fracked oil pipelines in northern Minnesota. We need your help for an August –September organizing campaign, including music, and organizing tours, workshops in the Northern Plains, media, signage and regulatory interventions.

From August l4th to September 5th, Honor the Earth will sponsor an organizing and outreach tour in northern Minnesota, aimed at engaging our communities and summer residents in the Enbridge proposed Sandpiper pipeline, one of a set of tar sands and fracked oil pipelines crossing the North Country.

Honor the Earth’s tour will include a traveling set of performers- primarily musicians and artists, joined with horse riders who will travel through Native and non-Native communities in the north to draw attention to the issues and engage citizens in political and social participation in protection of the waters of the north country. Our organizing and outreach will then move to North Dakota, the proposed source of the Enbridge Sandpiper pipeline, and focus on events and capacity building in the Northern Plains, at the Great Plains Tribal Chairmans Association and the Ft. Berthold reservation.

The first concert will occur on Madeline Island, featuring Pura Fe, Frank Waln and Allison Warden, three Native musicians, who will perform two shows in the Ojibwe homeland. Their performances will launch the musical portion of the tour, with the larger organizing component stretching from East Lake/ Rice Lake Refuge on the Mille Lacs reservation to Rice Lake on the White Earth reservation.

The organizing campaign will feature educational and outreach presentations on the Enbridge pipeline proposals ( Sandpiper, and now Line 3) which would pierce the heart of the Lake country with potentially a million barrels of oil a day, in a line which is inaccessible to service or protect, and cuts across the most substantial wild rice beds in northern Minnesota. The pipeline will end in Superior Wisconsin, where the 46,000 barrel per day, Calumet Refinery sits on the shore of Lake Superior. New pipeline expansions are proposed on the east side of that refinery, to feed into the Great Lakes, along with l7 refinery expansions. None of this infrastructure is prepared for tar sands or Bakken oil.

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