Jul 6, 2014 - My Adventure in the Footsteps of my Ancestors by Damon Corrie


There is a line from a movie that says “I want to see the frontier – before it is gone”…I can identify with that, several aging/old Chiefs told me over the past 20 years about a place that is so unspoilt – that the deer, pecarries, monkeys, cougars & jaguars etc are living in abundance there, and they do not know to fear man yet and they watch you from close range – because not even hunters go there, a place with Anacondas of 30 feet or more in great swamps that scared these old 5 foot tall on average Chiefs (they described the back of these outstretched Anacondas being almost as high as their knees…roughly double the usual belly to spine girth height of 20 foot specimens)…..

These are all honorable men not known for telling lies – who went there out of sheer wanderlust many years ago, I want to go to find this place and see if it is still now – as it was then, or if it has been ruined….and I will get volunteers to go with me, I already saw in a dream that nine of both genders will go on this expedition (me and 8 others)……but every one of us must go with the conviction that each of us will safely go and safely return, you cannot let fear of ‘possible dangers’ overcome you….if you get bitten by any of the 5 deadly poisonous snakes there (Bushmasters, Rattlesnakes, Forest Pit Vipers, Fer-De-Lance, Coral Snakes) you WILL die, as we have no anti-venom and we will be DAYS walk away from any help, if a Jaguar of Cougar attacks one of us – you could easily die – even if just from blood loss from wounds alone, if you swim in a strange river/stream (as ALL the rivers/streams we encounter will be) you could be attacked by an Anaconda, Crocodilians, maybe there are electric eels or Piranhas in the waters there also, won’t know till we enter them, are there uncontacted peoples living in there? Will they watch us and avoid, or kill us in our sleep in order to protect the beauty of this place? Will we encounter dangerous criminals evading the law? Illegal Loggers, Illegal miners? Illegal narcotic farmers/smugglers willing to kill to protect their hidden operation – like how Marijuana Farmers tortured and murdered Lokono-Arawak elder Eldred Dundas when I was in my 20’s? A military patrol run by a criminal minded officer that ‘feels like torturing/raping/murdering some natives because he can dispose of the evidence out here ‘behind God’s back’ and get away with it (like the Soldiers who did the Massacre in Lindo Creek a few years ago claiming they wiped out a camp of ‘dangerous criminals’ then burned their bodies beyond recognition? – we did not forget that because one man survived and told what REALLY happened).. Is this place ‘Kanaima country’ (the domain of those who hunt humans in the shadows for dark ritualistic purposes)? Is this place Dai-Dai country? (a cyrptozoological mystery described by tribes-people all over the Hemisphere) ….if you worry about what COULD go wrong the list will be endless – and you will live a life of safety and cowardice and never see that ‘frontier before it is gone’….only what is left of it – when the all consuming fire of ‘civilization’ has gutted most of the best parts of it.

There are only 3 possible ‘technical’ outcomes to this expedition, #1 – we all return alive, #2 – some of us return alive and some will die, or #3 – none of us return alive and we ALL die there.

I trust that option # 1 will prevail – since ALL my other expeditions over 20 years have ended in this positive way, and if this trend continues again – ALL of us who have this experience together – will have a spiritual and physical adventure that none of us will ever forget…..as the other twist to this ‘adventure of a lifetime’ is that I want the 9 of us to do this in the manner of our ancestors – so we can truly connect to the spirits of the ancient ones who still roam these places unseen by the living…body paint, minimalist traditional attire (no shoes and a 100 mile round trip by foot), traditional weapons, and fishing and gathering (no hunting) to feed ourselves. Only the most essential of modern amenities…such as one camera to record our journey for posterity will be taken with us.

If, for some reason my luck has run out and my charmed life has run it’s course, this will be the LAST entry in my blog…..but if my luck continues, I will add photos and videos of my adventure in the footsteps of my ancestors below these 4 photos you see here:

These are just a few photos that match some of the descriptions given to me by the few elders who have seen this place with their own eyes.

Last Real Indians