Jul 29, 2014 - Copper Breaking (Cutting) Ceremony on the Steps of Canada’s House by Clayton Thomas-Muller


In early February 2013, Hereditary Chief Beau Dick, his two daughters, Linnea and Geraldine Dick, and many supporters started their journey from Pt. Hardy to Victoria in support of the Idle No More movement. They arrived with much fan fare from supporters at the BC Legislature on Sunday, Feb. 10th. A Copper Cutting Ceremony was performed on the steps of the Legislature, meant to bring attention to Prime Minister Steven Harper on the impact of fish farms, pipelines and fracking in BC and all of Canada.

Fast forward one year later and there has been NO RESPONSE from Steven Harper on the Copper Cutting Ceremony and the concerns for our environment it was meant to highlight. So Chief Beau Dick and Chiefs from surrounding First Nations are planning a to journey to Parliament Hill in Ottawa….

On July 27, 2014 they arrived and conducted the #CopperCuttingCeremony here in traditional Unceaded Algonquin Territory on the steps of Canada’s House.

Media set:

[PHOTO SET] Pictures of historic shaming rite on steps of Canada’s House –

[VIDEO] Personal Vlog from Copper Cutting Ceremony of Clayton Thomas-Muller –


[VIDEO] History of the copper cutting ritual –


[VIDEO] Beau Dick conducting Copper Cutting Ceremony –


[VIDEO] Guuj Guujaaw explains the name of the Copper Sheild – Tou (ooligan):

[VIDEO] Guuj Guujaaw Cuts the Copper –


For more information, or to support their efforts, contact: Pam Bevan at pbevan0603@gmail.com

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