Jul 26, 2014 - The Nuclear family the Soulless ‘twin’ of the Industrial Revolution by Damon Corrie

This is a relatively new problem in the modern world in general….this ‘Nuclear family’ concept (which is a soulless ‘twin’ of the Industrial revolution) is a very powerful ‘negativity-unleashing’ force in the world, it indoctrinates a self-centred mentality of ‘me’ among the economic debt slaves that predominate in the world today – instead of the traditional ancient and common generally pre-existing worldwide – mentality of ‘we’.

At the UN sponsored Climate Change conference in Alaska a few years ago I was asked what I thought was the root cause of our current Global dilemma – and I said ‘the Nuclear Family concept’, most people did not get it, until I explained how a ‘businessman’ raised by a society infected with this mental cancer – that tells him repeatedly “it is YOUR life – you do what YOU want with it…don’t think about anyone else other than what pleases YOU’……and this is why such a ‘devotee’ will feel no guilt or remorse to live a life that shows no respect, concern or empathy for anyone or anything else in his/her drive for financial success…..he/she cares not if an entire tribe of indigenous people has to be moved or extirpated in order for his business to extract ‘natural resources’ (he sees the natural world around him only in terms of ‘commodities’ for his own enrichment), or whether human beings must eke out a living on the slave wages he pays them in his factories – so that people like him and his fellow shareholders (none of whom would lower themselves to EVER work so hard for so little), of if parts of the Earth are destroyed long term in the name of short term ‘profits’ ….as long as HIS wife and children live a comfortable life – he pats himself on the back (and often attends places of religious worship frequently) for being a ‘good’ husband & father…..his likewise miseducated society will even praise him and hold him up as a ‘pillar of society’ if his business is big enough…with people lining-up to kiss his ass (theoretically mostly, but even sometimes literally).

If we still lived with the ancient traditional family values that drew a circle around yourself that included your ENTIRE tribe and geographic territory & environment (at a minimum) – not just your tiny immediate family of spouse and kids – you would think before you act in a way that might cause problems for you, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your siblings, your nieces & nephews, your cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbors, society, countrymen, your immediate environment, regional environment, global environment etc…..and you would try to live in HARMONY not in AVARICE….nor would you do things that bring shame on your past, present & future relatives – or bring people (or substances) into your family/community that do not fit the ‘moral profile’ of your family/community – because you can foresee that this will only bring future strife and negative consequences.

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