Surprising as it may be to most non-scientists and even to some scientists, Albert Einstein concluded in his later years that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. In 1952, in his book Relativity, in discussing Minkowski’s Space World interpretation of his theory of relativity, Einstein writes: Since there exists in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent “now” objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.

Einstein’s belief in an undivided solid reality was clear to him, so much so that he completely rejected the separation we experience as the moment of now. He believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence. His most descriptive testimony to this faith came when his lifelong friend Besso died. Einstein wrote a letter to Besso’s family, saying that although Besso had preceded him in death it was of no consequence, “…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

Last night, I had the most unusual experience in some time, and it has made a believer out of me as regards Einsteins theory above, I suspect he himself had a similar experience and that is what made him form such a radical theory, as to simply ‘imagine’ this possibility seems less likely, my own experience last night has made a believer out of me – as I viewed it as just a ‘possibility’ before – since I had no personal frame of reference – hitherto.

Here is a copy & paste of the FB message (with words that would identify him deleted) I sent my pal about my experience with his maternal grandmother (whom I never knew or saw before as she died way before I could even walk & talk):

“Hi bro, after I prayed and went to bed last night I had the strangest experience, it was as though I went back in time and I met your Granny (your mothers mum) in somewhere that resembled Strathclyde, she said she did not live to see you grow up, she was poor – compared to you today, but not ‘dirt poor’ as people say, she also had short hair that did not reach passed her shoulders and she was a lil darker in skin complexion than your mum, I told her that you will grown into a fine young man and gentleman, and that you will own a business called ‘…………………’ and it will be the biggest business of it’s kind in Barbados…and she cried with joy……can you tell your mum this? I would like to know if any/all these facts are true, as this was a very strange experience for me to go BACK in time and meet a spirit (because obviously since that time to the present she would have seen you grow up herself from the other side) , it makes me wonder now about what Albert Einstein said – about ‘time’ not being linear…and that theoretically (he believed) we could go back and forward in time…..this ‘dream’ was certainly closer to these lines of theory than anything else I have ever experience bro.”

My pal read this since 8.44am today but has not bothered to respond yet, maybe he did not get a chance to relay it to his mum, maybe he just does not believe anything like this is possible and just considered me to be a ‘bit crazy’ (anything is possible, I do not go through my life worrying about who listens and who laughs) – I just pass on what I feel is important info or what I am asked to relay – the recipients can appreciate or reject it – that is entirely their prerogative. But in my defence, many a deceased spirit has come to me and I ask why they do not go directly to their relatives – as I know most people seem not to have the joy I get from these encounters…and time and time again they tell me “because their relative/s do not believe that they still exist so their minds are closed to any contact/communication with them”…..this puts me in an uncomfortable situation sometimes – passing on a message from someone’s deceased mom or dad to to their still living son or daughter, and it is possible the people I pass these messages on to get offended…”Mum or Dad would come to ME directly – why the hell would she/he go to Damon?” (they probably say)….I don’t know why, but I am only doing as your deceased loved one asked me to do…..perhaps because unlike most people alive today, I have a shrine in my bedroom dedicated to honoring the ancestors, and I pray every night before I go to sleep that I may be visited by non-negative spirits…..sometimes I specifically ask for deceased friends or relatives by name to visit me…but it rarely happens as I wish, mostly spirits I do not even know/never met visit instead….if their own relatives wanted to communicate with them or honored them in their homes – then perhaps they COULD go directly to them…but how can something appear to you when you tell yourself it does not exist? You have closed yourself off from a great unseen reality that surrounds us continuously – that still wants to be part of our physical lives.

Just for the record, I shared this experience with my family and my mother said she remembered the old lady I spoke of, and she was indeed less affluent and darker in complexion with short shoulder length hair and living in Strathclyde when my pal was a baby – and she died without seeing him grow up.

Obviously I went back and spoke with her spirit soon after her death nearly 40 years ago – not in what is our current ‘present’ period of time as to her – her grandson she was showing me was still a baby (I recognized his baby face as being my pal – as his face has not changed very much at all).

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