Jul 14, 2014 - they are waiting by nahaan

there are songs that shake the earth when sung,
songs composed to crumble cities, to part mid day clouds,
songs to reach back into the ancient,
hers is one of cool water,a calm stream,
flowing between lush greenery in summer shades,
sing, young child
for you are the healing generation we’ve all been praying for,
sing eldest voice, to purify tongues of the taste of bar soap,
sing recovering alcoholic,
sing attempted suicide,
sing inmate of false acusation and racist police force,
sing those who have been taken from your path by kóoshdakháa
sing your songs and return back to the red road,
back through sovereign reclaimation and daylight,
sing your songs strong ones,
the shapeshifters laws no longer prohibit our culture,
yet we must prohibit many of their laws and much of their culture.
sing your songs strong ones they are waiting,
the time is now,
they are waiting,
they are waiting.

nahaan is an activist, singer, song composer, tlingit language teacher, tlingit tattoo artist and designer, storyteller, published poet, spoken word artist, hunter, fisher, dancer, carver, and ceremony facilitator. he is deeply involved with the people and cultures of the pacific north west coast. he walks in a prayerful way striving for self mastery and community empowerment.

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