Jun 17, 2014 - Pictou Landing First Nations Members Concerned Over Ancestral Burial Ground, Oppose Referendum by Clayton Thomas-Muller

Pictou Landing First Nations Members Concerned Over Ancestral Burial Ground, Oppose Referendum

Pictou Landing First Nation (Mi’kma’Ki), Nova Scotia, June 16, 2014 -Today it was verified by the Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative’s chief archaeologist that an ancient burial site has been found near the location of where Northern Pulp Mill’s effluent pipe burst.

On Saturday, June 14th, the Pictou Landing First Nation Chief and Council met with community members over an offer from the province of Nova Scotia to allow Northern Pulp Mill access to their fractured pipe.

The terms of the deal at that time were not discussed.

Community organizer and band member Jonathan Beadle stated, “given the terms are so vague, it is not appropriate that band members be forced to vote on a deal before they are informed about the severity of the situation, this is not about money its about protecting our ancestors from being disturbed.”

Today, Monday June 16th, Chief and Council has announced there will be a snap meeting that forces the band membership to vote on this deal that has yet to offer details outlining the agreement, the time frame of this has members concerned.

Band members do not think that their request is unreasonable to be given a longer time frame to review the terms of the deal. Especially given the recent archaeological verification of a burial ground at the site of Northern Pulp Mills effluent pipeline rupture and spill of millions of litres of toxic waste into the Atlantic.

“When given the opportunity to be properly informed of the terms of this deal, band members can then make an educated decision on how to vote.” said Jonathan Beadle

For more information please contact:

Jonathan Beadle – community organizer

cell: 902 301 9024

email: jonathan.beadle@bellaliant.net



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