May 29, 2014 - Be The Change You Want To See in The World!‏ by Damon Corrie

I agree, everything good & bad happens for a reason (we learn from it, but in some cases we are supposed to react to it and take a stand, we’d have no hero’s if we all just accepted every incident as being ‘meant to be’…it might have been ‘meant to be the thing that made you become a leader of others and make a positive difference in the sheep pen of humanity – even if for just a moment in time…for EVERY leader (in every category of society) of men HAS – and continues to make some difference in the world – some for good – some for ill).

In my own small way in the tribe I have been able to change many things just by taking action… was giving their Amerindian children Amerindian names in our tribe until I was the first to do so 21 years ago…and I was ridiculed then…but up to this year people in the tribe are coming to ME to give their children traditional Amerindian names, same thing for the temporary tattoo art, the ancient game of Makwari, even the planting of Tobacco plants – the Church had eliminated all of that 100+ years ago, but I brought them ALL back….I am proof that 1 person can make a positive difference…but that would not have happened if I told myself that ‘I did not come here to change anything’ (I tell myself I came here to change everything that I can)…see what I mean?

I believe in past lives, as I have learned about my own, and in turn helped others (including everyone in my family) to learn about their own (after the one I went to – to learn about mine also taught me how to do the same for others), many Christians for example say they do not believe in reincarnation, yet the same Jesus they worship openly spoke of one case of reincarnation when he said “John the Baptist was the Prophet Elijah who was and who has come again” (Elijah died centuries before John), but ‘Damon Corrie’ will never exist again, these are our unique temporal physical forms we use in this plane of existence just once….but the soul that is within us – and that was in every other being in each of our former lives – will return again in another unique physical form in another geographic place, possibly another gender, another race, another socio-economic class etc….until we have ‘experienced’ ALL there is that encompasses the ‘human physical experience’ …no better way than being able to see another perspective than to literally experience a life inside another body….in this way by the time our millenia old ‘schooling for the soul’ is completed and we are worthy enough to return to the light we came from in the first place – we would have literally been ‘connected to all’ as we would have loved & suffered as a member of each and every category/classification of humanity that exists….anything less would not be fair nor a ‘comprehensive learning experience’

However, just as there is a Ying & Yang…and we came from the source of love and light higher vibrational entities – which we are to try to remember to continue to serve, there are some among this sea of humanity who are serving the lower vibrational negative entities that exist in the physical dimension (anything ‘solid’ is vibrating slower so to confront negativity one MUST come into the physical plane), and commit great acts of evil….for no servant of the light needs to experience what it is like to rape, sodomize, torture and murder a human child (in order to ‘gain experience of all things’)…not every experience is required for a soul to mature, we have to learn to differentiate ‘wisdom’ from ‘knowledge’….you can technically ‘gain knowledge’ of what it is like to commit such a heinous crime by literally doing it, but there will be no ‘wisdom’ in doing such a thing….any more than gaining the knowledge of what it would feel like to be a wife beater – by beating the crap out of your wife….not all ‘knowledge’ is good to acquire (hence the distinction about ‘knowledge of good AND evil’).

This is why there has to be a balance of those who lead by good spiritual example and come to be martyrs primarily for the spiritual sake of others (Jesus, Ghandi, MLK etc) in spiritual warfare – and those who come to be martys primarily for the physical sake of others (Simon Bolivar, Crazy Horse, Toussaint Loverture etc.) and physically fight against those who lead by bad example in physical warfare….otherwise this old saying will continue to be proven again & again: “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil – is for good people to do nothing to stop it”…a sage/guru/mystic is nice to listen to (but they dedicate their lives to trying to remove themselves from the physical world while yet still in it – instead of trying to reform it by confronting the problems here) …but if/when reality gives you the only option of acting with force to save innocent lives…..then that is what any compassionate human being must do.

If I can explain a little about the ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ being separate, it is the reason why you saw granny Jones die and a ball of light leave the top of her head or her chest (her soul) yet you passed her house two months later and saw her looking out her window (her spirit is still here for it is the spiritual copy of her physical form) …or why a pal died in a terrible accident and you saw that pal appear to you mangled and bloodied (his spirit remains the exact copy of how his physical body was when it ceased to live)….or that child at the pool at that hotel in Worthing seen late at night by the pool…the same pool that child’s body drowned in 20 years ago, the soul is long gone, but the spirit remains and that is what we see looking exactly like the long dead physical body….or why old watchmen in Dover used to see the spirits of hundreds of black people on the Dover playing field at night (before all the development)….because hundreds of black Barbadians were buried in a mass grave where the Dover playing field now stands – back in the Cholera epidemic in Barbados’s history. Even science has proven that there is a spiritual duplicate of physical life forms, you probably saw that National Geographic article from the 1990s that showed a leaf half-cut, yet a photo of it with some cutting edge technological device showed the missing physical half of the leaf perfectly outlined and still there – but just not visible to the naked eye…..that phenomenon corroborates the common statement in most ancient creation texts that says “in the beginning everything was made in spirit form before it was made in physical form” .

Indeed the same molecular matter that every visible and invisible thing is made of we share, so we are everything – and everything is us – in that scientifically proven and valid sense, so when a native American sage tells us about “the spirits of the animals, plants and rocks” etc – he is telling the truth (for there exists the visible physical form AND invisible ‘spiritual’ form of ALL those things) .. but when we confuse ‘soul’ with ‘spirit’ we confuse ourselves – as only man has a soul that re-incarnates into new physical human bodies, the molecules of all physical things ‘re-cycle’ (solid ice melts, becomes liquid water that evaporates, becomes water vapor gas that condenses in the atmosphere, then falls as liquid rain/solid hail/snow…but through it all – the molecules of H2o never ceased to exist – they merely re-combined in different forms each new time) – but does not re-incarnate…this is why mankind should know better and act as planetary custodians not planetary overlords. What we call ‘spirit’ is actually just a very loose combination of molecular energy matter, not as densely packed so it may appear to be ‘invisible’ to most or under most conditions/wavelengths that these physical eyes can perceive…but the fact that scientific instruments are able to measure the invisible form of the leaf…only proves it is actually a measurable molecular reality after all. Who can see the Air? Yet we all know the air is real and exists as a scientifically measurable fact in our lives.

Damon Gerard Corrie

Heir to the Hereditary Chieftaincy of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks of Guyana, and Founder & President of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations, co-founder and President of the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO), CARICOM Commissioner on the Indigenous Commission for Communications Technologies in the Americas (ICCTA), member of the Indigenous Working Group on the Draft Declaration with the Organization of American States (OAS) since 2000, registered participant of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) since 2008, Chief of the Barbados chapter of the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP); and autodidact journalist contributor to LastRealIndians (LRI) International Indigenous Media New site.

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