Dec 1, 2014 - @InstaPressClothing & LRI Reconcile over “50% off Massacre” flyer

The 50% off massacre flyer released on Black Friday that showed Native Americans engaged in the killing of what appeared to be other Natives caused an immediate uproar on social-media. Natives have come to play the role of internet police spotting, reporting, condemning and most times changing peoples practice of appropriating and misrepresenting Native peoples. This is a manifestation of the critical mass that, in our opinion, was already online when Natives started invading the digi-sphere; this is an extremely powerful presence. The company responsible for the 50% off Massacre flyer took it off-line partly because of the immediate response from Native people but also because a Native man, Jayson BraveHeart, reached out to the business owner to talk, to sit-down over the phone and have a discussion, to go on the educational journey together. Turns out the business owner,Joseph “Mick” Gaughan, is a fellow U.S. Marine Corp vet along with Jayson, after a candid discussion regarding the influence of media, images, pop culture, educational tools and other things created and perceived by the collective culture that is America and their impact on the collective consciousness of America, there was a breakthrough. The business owner understood how his massacre sales ad was adding to the misinformation already dominating the perceptions of America. Like many who convey this kind of information he did not originally intend to demean or cast Native people in a negative light. However, he understood that  in the context of colonization, misrepresentation and stereotyping, the media (schools, movies, literature, pop-culture, etc.) is a most important tool in shaping the narrative in which we have the opportunity to respect each other’s backgrounds. More importantly he suggested a way to redeem the situation and that was creating a T-shirt in conjunction with Last Real Indians available to the American people that would send a message of respect during this holiday season. ( shirt available here ) This is no easy task because “Real Indians” especially “Last Real Indians” are very much conscious of their allegiance to the pre-contact inherent, independent and truly free sovereign rights to determine their own national destiny; We Are Older than America and at the same time function, inform, and partake in the American collective in myriad ways. So here’s to respecting each other’s differences as a way to unify us in mutual respect. That’s our America and we salute the spirit of moving forward; here’s info about the standup people of @instapressclothing (find them on instagram)

Insta-press clothing is a brand of casual apparel inspired by the early movement of the Mod, punk, and Oi! subcultures. The company namesake is derived from the “Sta-Press” trousers of the 60’s that were adopted by early Mod revivalist. It also reflects the infusion of music and fashion, both of which are passions whole heartedly shared by the line’s creator.

Owned and operated by a United States Marine Corp Veteran fed up with supporting overseas companies with secretive manufacturing information. Abhorred by tales of international manufacturing in sweatshops with unsafe working conditions, atrocious wages and archaic child labor laws, this is an attempt to create something that stands against all this and more. Cotton that is grown in America, woven in America and printed in America. Needless to say supporting American farming and industry is a great thing, as is reducing the carbon footprint for every item we purchase.

Following the true Mod sensibility of repurposing and customizing existing emblems, the range includes the Insta-Press logo (an homage to the Mod target symbol) and other iconic images with a new twist. All pressed with care on Bayside Union or comparable. Whilst being focused on the practical aspects of Insta-press being 100% American, we must confess to being directly influenced by the iconography and symbolism of the 60/70’s in Britain. The inspiration and connection between the two countries and cultures continuously ebbs and flows, with Insta-Press being the perfect example.

To order the shirt and show support for reconciliation efforts go here: (a portion of proceeds will go to LRI). Shout out to Insta-Press

Last Real Indians