Nov 26, 2014 - Enbridge Desperately Seeking Indian Whisperer by Winona LaDuke


Video: Enbridge Desperately Seeking Indian Whisperer

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Enbridge hasn’t gotten much attention to the personal ad they’ve taken out in local newspapers for their own Indian Whisperer, and they’re getting desperate with winter rolling in. They’ve extended their application deadline and reposted the advertised position for that special Indian to whisper sweet nothings to our communities about the benefits of oil. I wrote a blog about all this recently, that you can view here. So, because we are welcoming people, we decided to help them out by prospecting for them. They can consider it a Thanksgiving gift.

Here’s the video:

This video is a unique way of sharing the story about Enbridge’s increasingly desperate, dirty schemes to push its dirty oil agenda on grassroots organizations, Native and Aboriginal communities – there has been media coverage of big oil’s dirty tactics in the New York Times and CBC in the past week alone.

Detail on Big oil’s plans to make the Great Lakes a tar sands “superhighway”.

Honor the Earth has succeeded in organizing grassroots opposition to the proposed Sandpiper pipeline (which would move 375, 000 barrels per day of fracked Bakken oil across the wetlands of Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin) – resulting in a 1.5 year delay of Public Utilities Commission routing permit decision. Enbridge is now trying to challenge the opposition growing in Native communities of the North by hiring “Tribal Liaisons” to launch community organizing campaigns in favor of pipelines.

In coordination with the White Earth Nation, Indigenous Environmental Network, the Center for Biological Diversity and many other individual and organizational plaintiffs Honor filed a lawsuit against the State Department and John Kerry for seeking to permit the Alberta Clipper Expansion “Switcheroo” (which would being 800, 000 barrels of tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wisconsin) on November 12, 2014.

Enbridge is desperately seeking a foothold in Native communities of the north, and is employing dirty tactics in an attempt to turn the tide.

Please contact me for interviews and commentary regarding all of the above.

Winona LaDuke
Executive Director – Honor the Earth


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