Nov 23, 2014 - What Kind of a ‘Good Law Abiding Citizen’ Are You? by Damon Corrie

If you pride yourself on being a ‘good law abiding citizen’ in the sense that you are referring to the laws of mortal men – you render your own self IMPOTENT in being able to help those in desperate need in ANY situation. Let me give you one of my favorite examples from my own life almost 20 years ago that I told my children about:

My now deceased brother-in-law Rami and I were passing by the Amerindian Hostel in Guyana one day, we saw a pregnant young Amerindian lady sitting on a bench in the garden crying, so I told Rami “hey let’s go and see what is wrong with her”…so we went and sat next to her… make a long story shorter she explained to us that she was an Akawaio from near to Mt. Roraima (Phillipai Village), and that a non-Amerindian Guyanese man had visited her village, seemed like a really nice person, had fooled her and her parents that he wanted to marry her – and took her back to the city with him – where he told them he was going to marry her.

Instead he beat her and forced her to be his concubine, and if his other male friends wanted to have sex with her – she had to allow them to – or he would beat her again…and this girl was a Virgin when she met him and just 16 years old.

She became pregnant and up to this very morning this man had kicked her in her stomach because he did not like the breakfast she made for him this day.

I felt sad and enraged, I began to think about how we could rescue this girl, luckily I had enough cash in my wallet to achieve a plan I hatched in my head after a few minutes, so I asked for her address and told her to have her bags packed and ready to go at 12noon the next day and just go along with whatever I say….and we left her to put my plan together.

I first bought 2 complete Army uniforms on the black market (officially this is a criminal offense), then I typed up a fake Police Search Warrant from a famous International entity complete with a letterhead taken off their website (another criminal offense) and made it in the name of the Akawaio girl ‘who was wanted for questioning’. Next day we were ready (as we both were clean shaven with military haircuts at that time), so we dressed up in our uniforms and did two excellent impersonations of military Police (not hard for Rami as he was an ex-Soldier anyway)..I had deliberately chosen ‘Military Police’ because I know in Guyana that the normal Police have NO authority to arrest any member of the Military, only Military can arrest military, so we would not dare be stopped and checked by the regular Police. We got a taxi and went to her address in a crime ridden area of Georgetown (‘a wretched hive of scum and villainy’ – as Obi Wan famously said), I told the taxi driver to keep the engine running and wait for us.

I asked for the girl in a commanding voice and her ‘man’ stepped forward..I held the ‘search warrant’ in is face to read, he read it and I told him she has to come with us NOW or he would be arrested for ‘the obstruction of justice and hampering our investigation’ – and his premises would then be searched…he did not want any trouble with the ‘law’ so he let her leave with us, she had her bag packed and got in our taxi with us quickly, we drove straight to the airport and I had enough money left to buy her a 1 way domestic air ticket back to her village as a flight was leaving later that day. She hugged us and thanked us (and one of her aunts who happened to be on the same flight and had not seen the girl since she left hugged us and thanked us also) – and we left.

We had done what any ‘good citizen’ who obeys the laws of GOD would do, but things which NO ‘good citizen who obeys the laws of men’ would have done…so I ask you, what is more important? To obey man or God? A warrior must be ever willing to help those in need no matter what the risks may entail…a coward on the other hand, can avoid any such responsibility and ‘play it safe’ all the mediocrity-filled days of his life.

And when I tell people I live an almost James Bond life – they think I am joking.

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