Nov 21, 2014 - #SavePeSlaNow PreMade Tweet List

We’re starting a Twitterstorm on Friday, November 21st, 2014 at 1pm Eastern, Noon Central, to help raise money for #SavePeSlaNow. Create your own tweets, using the hashtag #SavePeSlaNow and including a link to the indiegogo account: or, feel free to use the premade tweet list we’ve created below. Simply point and click to help out a great cause. Thank you!

To the Lakota, Dakota & Nakota, Pe’Sla is a sacred site and “The Heart of Everything” Help us save it.

The fight to save Pe’ Sla goes on.The owners who put the original 1,900acres up for auction are now selling the last 438acres.

The Great Sioux Nation & @indianland acted to buy the rest of Pe’Sla, but the sale must be completed by 11/30. Cost= $2 mil.

If we don’t raise the $ by Nov 30th, the opportunity to save these sacred lands could be lost forever

The Black Hills & Pe’ Sla belongs to the Great Sioux Nation by treaty but was illegally taken by the US after gold was found

RT: Help save one of the world’s remaining sacred sites, Pe’Sla. Our children are meant to pray there.

We have no other legal alternative than to buyback our sacred lands from the current occupants. Help #SavePeSlaNow

Help #SavePeSlaNow, the “Heart of Everything” before its too late.

Pe’Sla is the heart of Turtle Island (North America), it’s sacred Earth & needs to be protected & honored.

It’s time for all humanity to come together and help save Sacred Sites of Mother Earth.

Pe’Sla belongs to the #Lakota #OcetiSakowin in SD. Preserve their land, by Fort Laramie Treaty $2M needed.

Help save a Lakota sacred site, Checkout this piece by @mredshirtshaw here:

Lakota believe that ceremonies performed in Pe’Sla preserve Universal harmony.

Every little bit helps. If you can only give $10, it helps. If you can give $100, it helps.Our time is short. Deadline:Nov 30th

Not all ndns have percap or a wealthy casino. The Great Sioux Nation is scrambling to save sacred land.

No Contribution is too little, no effort is wasted! Do What You Can.Thank You #RT

Our world needs more prayers, Please help Great Sioux Nation save a sacred place.

Pe’Sla is sacred to Lakota. Its our church, our holy place. The last piece is for sale.

Pe’Sla is not only a sacred site. It’s an integral part of Lakota history. Help protect it.

The Black Hills are the birthplace of the Lakota.Pe’Sla belongs to them but they’re forced to buy it to save it.

RT & Donate: Tribes Seek $2 million to purchase final piece of sacred Pe’Sla

#SavePeSlaNow to preserve it as a sacred place for future generations. We’re all a part of this.

Please RT/Give: Tribes Seek $2 million to purchase final piece of sacred Pe’Sla

Ancestors of the Oceti Sakowin have been holding ceremony at Pe’Sla for millennia.

You can help protect an ancient sacred site in the Black Hills. Help Lakota #SavePeSlaNow

The U.S. broke treaty & stole Pe’Sla from the Great Sioux Nation. Now we are forced to buy it back.

A private donor will match our donations, please give now to maximize this opportunity.

Invest in humanity. Give to protect sacred site of the Lakota in danger of being lost forever.

Be a part of the movement to protect sacred sites. Stand with the Great Sioux Nation Help #SavePeSlaNow

RT & Give: Join the people of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in saving their sacred site.

Everyone brings up the “larger issues”, this is an urgent one to recognize. Please RT/Donate

“Those that respect the sacred are reflective of an enlightened civilization.”-ChaseIronEyes


The culture is connected to this land. We must reclaim it. #SavePeSlaNow

I support the Oceti Sakowin in the fight to purchase what was stolen from them. #SavePeSlaNow

Natives shouldnt have to buy sacred land taken from them, but there’s no other alternative.Pls Donate

Enough land has been pillaged. Its time to do what is right. RT/Donate to help return sacred land.

Justice will not be fullfilled until the sacred land is returned to The People.

No reparations will substitute the connection the Culture has with the sacred land. #SavePeSlaNow

Contribute to spiritual healing. Return the sacred lands. Pls RT/Donate.

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