Oct 4, 2014 - The rewilding farce by Queen Sacheen

I have been seeing a lot of these rewilding, getting back to land based living, going off grid, and healing earth trauma postings and such by settlers. Blogs, websites, a whole movement and its offshoots growing rapidly, now do not get me wrong I am all for allowing Mother Nature to claim back what is clearly hers, and super stoked about helping things along by burning down cities stopping the brutal rape for resources, but my major concern is that these types of groups and movements usually directly IGNORE the indigenous Nations of the so called amerikkkas and the fact that this land was only harmed because of CONTACT, GENOCIDE, AND LAND THEFT in the pursuit of a better life for europeans.

They blissfully ignore the fact that this colonial capitalist society is rooted in modern luxury “advancements” aimed to make life lazier and existing so devoid of meaning as to render technology, fashion, and useless trinkets the ultimate status symbol of “making it” and that this serves to enslave their brethren and negates our inherent rights and title to our land and our Governance over ourselves! Afte visiting a few of these websites and blogs the theme across the board is pretty much based on totally escaping the harsh reality and ugly truths with convenient quotes from environmentalists and ignoring completely that they have the utter privilege of being able to just pitch in and purchase stolen land to set up communal spaces and pat each other on the back for being so forward thinking and clever “We are gonna rewild and heal the shit out of this space!”

Must be nice to sit around fires, in front of cozy cabins or shelters, worry free eating clean rewilded foods and not have to worry about cops wrecking it for you, like in: Oppenheimer parks tent city, or like the indigenous land defenders on the front lines setting up blockades and camps to stop the colonial capitalists from further destroying land and water for profit. Indigenous Nations in so called BC are being threatened and their lives endangered by cops, corporations and govt, meanwhile back at the “freedom” camps of settlers life is pretty damn perfect and tralalalaling on.

Now don’t get me wrong I know there is probably people in these camps that feeeeeel for what’s happening and support front line grass roots from a safe distance but it ain’t enough! What is?! We don’t know! All I know is that this kind of crap is going on all over and I’m sick of the way it makes me feel to see these posts, blogs, sites. Sick of the privilege and the denial that accompanies them, that smug we are better humans than you that denigrates our real time oppression and poverty! Our struggle is real, third and fourth world problems that need attention now!

Xhopakelxhit ~ Ancestral Pride

here is a list of links to grass roots indigenous land defenders you can support and offer solidarity through monetary donations that are not based in a utopian fantasy but based on the fight to survive in reality and real time!

Unistoten Camp
Ancestral Pride
Klabona Keepers
Madii Lii Camp
Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp


Last Real Indians