Oct 30, 2014 - This country by Dana Lone Hill


This country

People will still rush around in a 9 to 5 crazed madness
From city to suburbia
Strip malls fly in a blur of color and franchise vomit
To save money for an uncertain retirement on an unbuilt golf course
So their children can spend high interest plastic at a retail landscape
As the parents stress about that second mortgage
And what nursing home is best for their mother

Meanwhile on a rez somewhere a Lakota
Grandmother plans her next meal
To feed her grandkids
Before her next rally to defend the land she grew up on
Her tribe fights over nothing and everything
All she sees as a result of the fight is a box of cheese and issue
Of unhealthy food
To feed her grandchildren
While one of her grandkids hauls precious water to the house
And another chops wood
While their parents
Do federal time


-Dana Lone Hill

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