Jan 30, 2014 - Stop the Tar Sands by Tantoo Cardinal

When I first heard Cleo Desjarlais saying “Stop the Tar Sands”, “Stop it altogether?”, I thought. People aren’t ready for that.

The more time I spent on my homeland, the more I felt the call – Stop the Tar Sands!

Still, so many are not ready to realize the danger to our existence with the genetic Manifest Destiny plasma at the helm of our society.

But, you know what? If you’re not ready, you better get there, because there seems to be no turning around from The Helm, to see how we are all doing.

We are on our own. I would rather jump overboard now, so I don’t get caught in the eddy when she goes down.

We have to design another way or going. This way has an ugly ending. Our future experience carries the burden of chickens coming home to roost. This is what our Free Will has created. This is what we did with it. We weren’t free at all. We lent our Will out to the One with all the big ideas, the One who comes from a big long line of One’s with big ideas. Men who really saw themselves as Lords of the Land., and smacked you sideways if you didn’t do what they wanted you to do… and worse… and stole from your mother’s treasures. Took all her ID, and her signature, and kicked her in the ass on her way out to the prison of oblivion.

They had a patent, in a letter from Ferdinand and Isabella, to take all land that is not ruled by white princes. There ya go! Anywhere outside of Europe is yours, One. Manifest Destiny, in their stink shorts, and scurvy…

Wicked, wretched behaviors, while masquerading as pillars of the community…they are soul suckers. Got you thinking oil is the only road.

So very juvenile. So very short sighted. And ignorant, but Arrogance hides all. Greed is the blinder, and POWER!!!!!!! The aphrodisiac. They can’t feel for anybody else. It’s an addiction. They’re getting off.

Perhaps we should let them go their way. They’re headed for the brick wall, so we better get something ready. Something that functions for a living society. They are pouring acid into an open wound in Mother Earth in Ft. McMurray. They have no idea what they are doing to the organism they call earth.

We have to STOP!!!!!!!

If they were concerned about us, would they adamantly choose a direction that leaves our children misery, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren and on and on?

Sly, that Government. Trying Every which way, each regime, to snuff out those Treaty Rights. For a long time they got away with doing it their way or no way. Even kept education as a horror clinic, under Law.. For a generational affect…genocide. Those left, had their sense of joy destroyed. Cultivating a constant loneliness that runs through the generations… so lonesome are we for the Land, our home. It is ours.. All of us. Even You, One.

It’s not healthy to deny Nature. You’re taking on Pacahamama now. Think about it.

But, Noh, they won’t. They keep pushing for more.

Aside from Harper being obsequious all over the Middle East this week, for money. Flexing supposedly Canadian muscle, and being a big spender on the road, he’s waltzing us right into the middle of a whole nest of violence – wounds that won’t heal.

His boys need more money. They’ve been getting stalled, and there are all kinds of leaks, and explosions..

Instead of trying to understand what is going on in the big picture of this life, or stopping to consider that perhaps we should consider a kinder way of going on Our Sustenance.

Guys! Fukoshima! Just to mention one. I’ll just bet there are other leaks going on that have been hushed up.

They will roll their eyes at this, but, Uranium is part of her heart, a part of her electrical system. That’s why you get spanked for taking it out in the first place, Pandora. It is not meant to be out here. What a virus.. It bores right into your heart, into your lungs in the Amazon .. The boreal forest.

Some say oil is her blood, but that stuff they have taken out in the Boreal Forest makes me weep. The beautiful clean water, the lively world of hunting and fishing as a part of life. A healthy place for our children…but for the wounds of residential schools and colonialism in general****. A land so lush with anything life needs… food, medicine, shelter, clothing.

But they are persistently digging out Her blood and obviously something else along with it. Maybe they are pulling out chunks of Her liver. Come On now.

She has gives solar energy, wind energy, and I’m willing to consider, gifts not yet discovered. Her mysterious secret stash. Seems to me that She’s trying to get our attention. She keeps talking to more and more people. Reminding everyone where the strength is…family, community, a place to belong. Water is precious and mysterious.

She will dish us a huge dish of humility right quick though.
because the way the fracking is going, She’s going to have to act fast.

They shatter her bones while they force that poison into her, destroying 2 to 8 Million gallons of water per well… sucking up all moisture for miles around, leaving poison and destruction of water. Fracking fluid is so full of chemicals, – 300+. When they are done they have destroyed the water. They can kill water?! Shouldn’t that be about the last straw? A wake up call? Our water is finite. It’s all the water we got. And water is life. Water does Not belong to Corporations, and it never should.

There seems to be an attitude that a machine can be created to cure any ailment. I maintain Mother Earth is the one with the healing mechanism…

I trust She will not take it for too much longer. All the warning signs are slow to get through. Still penalizing natural energies and continuing to dance with the devil in the pale moon light….Monsanto’s there, cutting in.

We really do have to move ourselves over to a way of Life that is not so dependent on “their ethical oil”. But then, so much of what we use is plastic. So much of this life we have become accustomed to, has been built and nurtured to be a fossil fuel world of consumption.

There are some pretty shady stories about inventions that got lost, or destroyed, or annihilated. There are so many wind and solar energy options out there. We have a responsibility to work together on this.
We are encouraged to actually connect with Nature, Mother Earth, and come to understand that we are a species. We Need all that is being destroyed. A false sense of power has placed us in a perilous situation. When Nature is destroyed, so are we.

Mother Earth has rights. She is the one doing the work of taking care of all her beauty and bounty, and She is about balance. If She had Her way, I’ll bet she could show us something very non intrusive that would thrill the masses. She carries so much mystery.

But, it’s about money.

Be nice if Big Oil & Co. would stop, turn around, and throw resources into trying to save as much as we can, right now. Clean up their camps, until it’s like no one had been there..while moving into a solar and wind energy civilization.

That will be the only option once Mother Earth expels the virus eating her body. Her fever will have to break, but they keep on poking around, so She has no time to heal. She’ll have to do what she has to do.

Many innocent people in harm’s way and the devil’s stoking the furnace and turning the music up loud.

Tantoo Cardinal (Cree)

Last Real Indians