Jan 21, 2014 - First Nations Business “Bead A Bling” Shows at the Golden Globes, By Danielle Miller

Jessie Meeches welcomed LastRealIndians in on the “Bead A Bling” red carpet experience at the 2014 Golden Globes.

“There are three of us ladies in this business; Brooke Mousseau, Val Houle and myself,” Jessie explained.

She told LRI how inspiration for the business took root with her uncle Dennis Meeches. She said he always had the idea to start a business named “Bead A Bling”. It didn’t take long for his ideas to manifest into reality. Jessica described how quickly the business expanded just after it began:
“Within a matter of two weeks, his friends from Boom Done Next, (Joe, Mandi and Marnie) had put everything together from the website, to getting us a spot with Heather Stewart’s (Lily Field Cakes) Trade show, and then The Golden Globe Launch Party.”

Jessie then went onto talk about their experience on the Red Carpet: “We had a variety of beadwork with us…earrings, medallions, barrettes, bow ties, rings, bracelets, little moccasin key chains! Between the three of us, we had to prepare 75 pieces for the celebrities to come take a look and pick out what they like the best.”

Some celebrities who checked out the beaded bling were: Kellie Koppel from “Its so L.A”, actress Catherine O’hara, and “Big Ang,” and “Little Jen” from Mob Wives.

Kellie Koppel (That’s so LA)

Catherine O’Hara (Beetlejuice, Home Alone) with Bead A Bling

While some would be star struck, Ms. Meeches was humble and grateful to have been given the opportunity.  “It was an awesome experience to have met these celebrities and share with them a part of our Aboriginal culture.”

Jessie concluded that Bead-A-Bling were thinking of going back to the Globes next year. She was enthusiastic about plans for future inquiry.

“Both websites have our contact information for orders, inquiries etc. We are from a southern reserve in Manitoba, Canada proudly representing Long Plain First Nation!”

If you are interested in learning more about their company or possibly putting in some orders for your own bling in the future, you can check them out at their websites. Bead A Bling has a web page at (beadabling.com). They also have a facebook page “Beadabling Inc.”

The website is clean and simple allowing for easy sample viewing. The branding of the logo and the bright colors mimic the vibrance of their custom beadwork. The facebook page is brand new and they have informed fans that they will be adding more pictures and post as they go along.

In closing, there has to be acknowledgement of the contributions Bead A Bling has made to Native representation in fashion. Beadwork is a new trend in contemporary fashion. Indigenous inspiration has made its emergence in the fashion world and has evolved from tribal prints to intricate beadwork. Many have marveled over the Emilio Pucci fashions of 2014 which feature beadwork and embellishments.  Beyonce even rocked a custom Emilio look for her Mrs. Carter World tour. There have been plenty variations of other beaded items gaining popularity.  But of course as many know, you will find some of the best authentic beadwork from aboriginal artisans.

“Bead A Bling” Is another great example of Native Americans bringing their talent to the Fashion world. Their unique and colorful designs are a feast for the eyes. While their pieces bring beauty to accessorizing they are also making a statement of representation for Long Plain Nation and all Native Americans.  The Meechie’s first nations community and Natives here in the U.S. are proud of Bead A Bling for representing Native people in such a good way. We here at LRI would like to wish them the best of luck in all their future business endeavors. We also would like to take a moment to recognize all those Native Artisans out there who keep their traditions alive with their custom artwork. No corporate business will ever be able to duplicate pieces which display such talent and beauty.

Last Real Indians