Sep 24, 2013 - Leith, ND: Upholding the Lakota Warrior Code by John Martin

“The warriors aren’t even here.” Eloquent and profound words ferociously spoken by my Lakota brother Chase Iron Eyes. Wopila tanka Chase and to all the brave men and women of all races who tenaciously stood up in direct opposition to the minions of hate in Leith, North Dakota. You upheld and reaffirmed the Lakota warrior code. The spirit of Crazy Horse lives on and will only continue to expand and grow. What I saw yesterday in Leith, ND was a resurgence of what the Native American Community stands for. Unyielding resistance and steadfast dedication handed down by our ancestors back in the day.

Chas Iron Eyes speaking at rally

Having dealt with the National Socialist Party (NSM) before, here in Los Angeles believe it or not, I have witnessed their cowardice, their bizarre sophistry and extremely limited capabilities first hand. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a dynamic hate watch organization refers to the NSM and its lunatic frontman, Jeff Schoep (pronounced SCOOP) don’t laugh, as “Hollywood Nazis.” Schoep is a puny, paranoid person that loves to dress up in his archaic Nazi uniform and play “Hitler.”

On April 19, 2010 the NSM held a rally in downtown L.A. to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday and protest against illegal immigration. 40 of them miscreants showed up at the front lawn of city hall sporting their clown like Nazi costumes. 5000 counter protesters of all races literally ran them out of town. It was a cool spring day yet I could see the beads of sweat running down their terrified faces. There they were one moment proudly chanting “Sieg Heil!” and throwing up their Nazi salutes for a few minutes then all hell broke loose. The LAPD called in a tactical alert to extract the NSM, preventing them from getting ripped to shreds by infuriated counter-protestors, the entire event was uplifting and a bit hilarious.

The NSM, from reports I have seen, basically behaved in the same fashion on Sunday in Leith. The NSM was in Leith to support aging Canadian white supremacist Craig Cobb. Mr. Cobb envisions developing the small town of Leith into his own little “white only dystopia.” What the NSM and Cobb fail to realize is this; The hard charging Lakota/Dakota Oyate and our non-Native allies will do everything within their powers to prevent them from letting this happen. The NSM does not understand and fails to appreciate the people they are dealing with. They can’t come into Indian country spreading their hate propaganda with impunity.

White supremacy, as far as Leith is concerned, is based upon the same fundamental tenets as Manifest Destiny. The Lakota have endured, survived and thrived overcoming the horrific atrocities and crimes against humanity vis-a-vis Manifest Destiny. Our ancestors fought alongside the Cheyenne and Arapaho with intrepid valor at Little Big Horn. An historic Native military campaign organized by Oglala, Lakota war Chief Crazy Horse, a masterful military tactician. Our ancestors were also massacred at Wounded Knee. The fact is the Lakota are apex survivors. We are still here. And we don’t plan on going anywhere soon.

I served 4 years in the U.S. Army. The government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my military training. I promised my beloved mother I would never use what the military taught me ever again. I pray I never have to break this promise. When Mr. Iron Eyes shouted out “The warriors aren’t even here.” I thought to myself, why not? They are certainly out there. Give me 20 of our finest, fittest and sober Lakota men and I will personally train them. We Lakota need a mobile rapid deployment force ready to respond to disturbances or direct threats against our people in a moments notice. Not as aggressors or agitators but simply as defenders properly trained in military/counter-terrorism tactics.

What went down in Leith was a group of people, of all races, standing in opposition to a perceived threat. The NSM as well as Mr. Cobb with their racist agenda must never be permitted to set up shop in our backyard. Hate is synonymous with ignorance. The most dangerous type of Indian is one with a college education. I abhor violence. Violence is counter-productive to what our primary mission actually is. Self-reliance and improving the impoverished living conditions on the rez for the next 7 generations. Leith was a decisive victory over prejudice and racist extremism. There are so many battles left to fight. As long as we put ourselves out there and uphold the Lakota warrior code. We will prevail. Wopila!

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