Aug 3, 2013 - BREAKING: TransCanada Seeks to Build Tar Sands to East Coast Pipeline

On Thursday, TransCanada announced plans that it will seek to build a massive pipeline from the tar sands in Alberta to the east coast in New Brunswick.

Dubbed the “East Energy Pipeline”, the multi-billion dollar project would connect existing pipelines in Quebec with the tar sands to the Northeast coast. If constructed, the pipeline, which has the backing of the Harper government, would be able to transport up to 1.1 million barrels of tar sands oil per day. TransCanada’s other proposed pipeline, the KXL pipeline by comparison, if built, would be able to transport up to 800,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day.

Canada’s natural resource minister, Joe Oliver, welcomed the announcement and stated that TransCanada would have the Canadian government’s full support. The pipeline would pass through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

The project faces fierce opposition from 1st Nations communities and environmentalist.

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