Jul 25, 2013 - BREAKING NEWS – Maya Land Rights By Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front


Dear Friends,

In June 2010, the Supreme Court of Belize reaffirmed that Maya People of Toledo, Belize have rights to their communal lands which they have traditionally used and occupied in southern Belize. However, the Government of Belize appealed the case in July 2010 and thus a judgement was pending. Just last night the attorney for the Maya People was informed that the Court of Appeal will deliver its judgment on the Maya Land Rights case today at 2 pm.

As you may understand, this is a very short notice to mobilize the Maya people from southern Belize to the City. However, leaders are doing all they can to be present at such an important and historical hearing.

We are hoping that the verdict will be in favor of Maya communities, similarly to the 2007 Conejo and Santa Cruz Case.

Thank you for your continued support the the Maya people of Belize!

Shared by Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front

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