Apr 8, 2013 - #SchimmelShow ! Lets Go! Hoka Hey!


The time has come. The #SchimmelShow takes the court in a final four game (530 CST, 430 MST on ESPN) that pits Louisville against California and the whole nation is watching. Lets all unite, every Indian in the country, let us watch, update and tweet like frenzied warriors :) This is history in the making.

Shoni is the general that leads by action; Jude is effective in her own right. This is another battlefield, another proving ground and our young women are winning honors, earning feathers. The deeds of these women are the modern versions of the warrior women of prior generations including Rocky Buttes, Mary Crawler, and Buffalo Calf Road Woman. Basketball (athletics) isnt just a game, it’s an expression of who we are as warriors.

We see ourselves in Shoni and Jude so when we see Shoni lead with confidence and Jude share the spotlight, we all walk a little taller. We know we are this good, we know we are great, we know there are 100s of Shonis and Judes among our young men and women, we know Shoni and Jude are less the product of leaving the rez and more the results of their parents’ hard work and sacrfice for their kids, we know Shoni and Jude had to make choices to work hard and stay away from negative influences, we know Shoni and Jude are currently sacrificing their own “average” college experience to pursue athletic-academic excellence. They are carrying us into the future, into history. Every time the media or academic institutions mocks our identity, challenges our perceptions of ourselves, every time a Rezkid believes they’re not good enough, everytime we doubt ourselves, every challenge we face becomes surmountable when we see each other succeed whether thats on or off the Rez. Every time Shoni slashes through the lane splitting defenders and creating a shot, every time Jude races up the court pressuring the opponent to their heels; everytime they trust their own abilities and compete they represent us, we too live in that moment, we get lumps in our throats because they are bringing our confidence and pride to the world that we want to share. So win or lose we got your back Shoni and Jude you have already made history and provided us leadership to follow. LETS GO! HOKAHEY!

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