Mar 14, 2013 - A poem for the New Pope, with all Due Respect -Chase Iron Eyes


Imagine all the stolen gold, return to corpus
Imagine all the stolen souls, return to corpus
for centuries the Pope has laid waste the countryside
for centuries the Pope has maintained a genocide
Attempting to conquer the world and remake it of your mind
cold reality sets in, and you couldn’t remake mine
I was born of the humble kings and queens at the dawn of a new age
I was born happy among dirty feet and crowns of sage
The Pope is not spiritual the Pope is a tool of conquest
The Church is a show like million dollar Sunday’s best
you looked the other way while your clergy raped my sister
you laughed at her death, smiled on while her mother missed her
you cut the hair of my brothers, implanted your demonic tongue
you whipped our backs holocaust plantation
We are living the results of your pre-planned domination
but we see the truth and seek justice with anticipation
this is the seed you planted coming back to attack your tactics
you are frauds and your world is a lie fraught with antics
can you hear your own heart? I feel it beating frantic
you think you’re the new world order that you got us vexed
financial-military-religious-industrial-pop complex
So let your world burn reduce to rubble, we cant eat the ca$hes
Let our world breath, watch us spring from the ashes
Corporations Banks Nation States, A new age is dawning
True civilization will be brought without one bombing
you’ve defied your own God now running from your fate
you’ve denied your own spirit, our love will conquer hate
You think you’re in control, get ready for humbling
Do you hear that? It is the sound of their world crumbling

Last Real Indians