Nov 29, 2013 - Indigenous Thanksgiving according to a 5th Grader

What Are We To Be Thankful For…….?

Thanksgiving is now an international holiday but what was it before that? I’ll tell you: so everyone knows that the “Indians” helped the pilgrims grow corn and find berries but what almost no one knows is that after the “Indians” did that more and more pilgrims started coming to our land and they started acting in-human like Adolf Hitler to the Jews. Their men surrounded unarmed women and children and began to kill them.

So my question is what are we to be thankful for? I mean I know that everyone is thankful for their family and their children and all. But if we are talking about the first Thanksgiving then really what do we have to be thankful for?

For example today I had to write a letter as if I were a pilgrim who had come to America and was writing back to my family in England. The whole time I was just sitting there like the pilgrims are basically the exact opposite of me.(so why the heck am I writing this and why should I be thankful for it) Did my people turn against you when you were the one who helped us not starve to death. I mean there is scientific evidence that some of the pilgrims were literally eating each other!(I got this information off of the television show Under Cover America.)

Another thing I would like to add is why can’t our schools teach us the true history of America. Me and my friends who are white and I talk about how wrong it is that they are not telling us the truth, just because they are a different race doesn’t mean we can’t have the same thoughts .I bet you everyone would think it was wrong if they knew that they were teaching us a big lie. Don’t I have the right to know the truth?????

What I Am Thankful For.

I am thankful for my family just like anyone else, but I am also thankful for having a roof over my head. I know that some people in different countries have less than half of what I have. There are so many things I am thankful for that I would need an endless supply of paper to write them all. So instead I will talk about the one I am most thankful for: my family, my mom, dad, and 2 brothers and sister are all the members of my family. These people mean so much to me that I would do anything for them. Family to me is the most important because they are the people you will be with your entire life (even though some of them may be annoying[:). I love my family so much it is impossible to describe in words. So instead I have decided to describe my love in simple letters XOXO – LOVE YOU GUYS

By: Great Snow Woman

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