Oct 13, 2013 - NDN Time and the “Redskin” Controversy by Don Wise

With all due respect, most people don’t think through the implications of allowing even a little RACISM to exist. It is our obligation to protect not just ourselves but our friends, family and most importantly our little ones and the ones yet to be born from EVER having to go through what has happened as a systematic practice to annihilate our NDN way of life, culture, religion and identity.

Once RACIST acts, like using the term “Redskin,” are allowed my questions to my NDN brothers and sisters would be… Where does RACISM stop? Is the term “Redskin” really the ONLY RACIST thing going on out there? Since we have allowed RACISM to exist in this context can we see other examples which take the acts of RACISM even further? Do we want our CHILDREN to endure what happens next if we do nothing?

Look at these pictures:

Here (above) is another example of RACISM. There is not anyone that would say that using “blackface “is appropriate. It is simply RACIST at the most callous level. What is the difference between the two pictures? Yet we allow this to continue in sports as if RACISM in one context is ok and in the other it is not. NDNs have been so defeated and so much has been taken away from us as a people that we have become desensitized to the derogatory terms and acts used and done around us to demean us.

Do we fight to protect our children so that they do not have to go through this or do we give in once more to an INSATIABLE SOCIETY that continues to take everything we have and STILL wants more?

Think about the endless atrocities that have befallen our peoples and look at this image:

Do I have to show a KKK member with a noose around someone for people to see the RACISM here (above)? After all the atrocities NDN people have gone through, I do not want my people, my family or any of the children to have to SEE the RACIST things I have had to see or fight the RACIST fights I have had to fight . Does anyone here?

But there is more. Here is a portion of a show called THIS WEEK with George Stephanopoulos. This was aired last Sunday, October 6, 2013. Watch the video. This is what is thought of our peoples and this issue by media:


Each member of that “Power Team” (above) were all laughing and minimizing RACISM. They should ALL be ashamed for not standing up for what is right.

It is not just about them saying “Go into a bar full of Native Americans…” (The stereotypical drunk “Injun”) to ask THEM…

It is about the group saying RACISM is OK because someone else says it is OK or RACISM is OK because a poll says it is OK or the fact that “they don’t win…” is WORSE (“a bigger problem”) than RACISM as was implied. This occurred while they ALL laughed about it.

That “power team” went on for minute after minute SHOWING that RACISM is still Strong, alive and well in the United States media in 2013.

My good friend, Joe Wolfe, sent me something the other day. It said, “Never forget! We’re the remainder of the first people, the descendants of warriors. We are survivors. But we have to tell our own stories, if we don’t remember, no one will.”

If that is true then we don’t let someone else tell us what they think we are. If that is true then we stand for our people, family friends, women and children. “NDN time” means something important. “NDN time” means when the time comes…we stand and fight for our relations. We stand and fight for what is right.

Don Wise (Wichita) has worked in the field of education for 22 years as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal and Secondary Director. He received his Bachelor of Science at Texas Tech University and earned his Master of Education at Texas Tech University.

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