Jan 16, 2013 - *BREAKING NEWS* 9 Declarations to those Who Will Not Listen -Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front (APLF) Communique

1.”This is spiritual dignity, this is Creator given sovereignty in action. This is one of the many stories of the great showdown that must continually take place among those that control the production and distribution of material consumer wealth, the fiat, petroleum backed, money system and those peoples that are required to protect Mother Earth. The true revolution is a revolution of the spirit; we are all spirits with Creator and we are all designed to have respect relationships with the universe and with each other. Our spirits and the earth are crying out for nourishment; to be a Lakota is to be an ally. I stand in solidarity with the nine (9) Amerindian Peoples who seek a new reality in Indigenous Guyana.” -Chase Iron Eyes

2.”There is a movement that will come to light in the next few months that will have an unprecedented effect on the map of indigenous history and the struggle for sovereignty on this hemisphere of the “Americas.” Like the mayan Zapatistas in southern Mexico fighting for self governance and against oblivion, to the Ashuar and Shuar in Ecuador fighting Chevron-Texaco for irreparable damages which have contaminated the soil and water system to the kayapo in the amazon stopping the damming of the Amazon river to IdleNoMore at our own door step, and all the mining and water control troubles across Indian country today.

The fact is, all these issues affect us directly. We are going to present the demands made by the Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front based out of Guyana. Perhaps many will feel reluctant to support such a cause, for many of us have no idea where Guyana is. This is where the wonders of journalism serve as a beacon of information. Also, the ends justifying the means will come into play. Across this continent and all over the world indigenous communities are facing different realities. For some, oppression and exploitation has been increasing to the point of creating organizations and sources of information to share tactics on dealing with their issues diplomatically, for others the reality is much more severe. Where do they turn to when all means are exhaustedand face excommunication? Armed struggle. If we pay attention to the patterns, movements here in North America will have the same fate. That is why we must inform ourselves and unify in solidarity so blood shed will no longer be the ends to these justifiable means. Violence perhaps is not the solution we seek, but as a last resort it can protect and save lives.” -Voton

Above are the comments of the LRI writers alone, provided for introduction; below are the actual Declarations of the 9 Indigenous Peoples of Guyana via APLF~




In Solidarity with the IdleNoMore movement of North America, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation of Central America, the Movimento Xingu Vivo of South America, and the Siwa Lima Front of the Pacific:

We the 9 Amerindian Peoples of Guyana, in Order to better serve our Creator, protect mother Earth, honor our ancestors, establish Justice, insure our domestic peace, provide for our common defence, promote our general welfare, preserve our cultural and biological identities, and secure the blessings of liberty that our ancestors once knew for ourselves and for our future generations yet unborn, do ordain and establish the Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front.



We REJECT the authority of the so-called Ministry of Amerindian Affairs of Guyana which is nothing more than a political appointee and cosmetic illusion for local and International Public Relations purposes – operating out of the Office of the President of Guyana (from whom all orders originate) that functions as a mascot of whichever non-indigenous Neo-Colonial government is in power at the time in Guyana. We DEMAND that an Authentic Minister of Amerindian Affairs (with an office in a politically neutral and safe entity such as the United Nations or Organization of American States premises) be elected SOLELY by a Democratic Majority vote of the Toshaos (Chiefs) of Guyana OURSELVES, totally neutral and independent of any political government of Guyana.



We REJECT the presence of non-Amerindian Police and Military personnel in Amerindian communities and DEMAND that within 9 months ALL non-Amerindian Police Forces present in Amerindian communities in Guyana be replaced by trained AMERINDIAN personnel.



ALL non-Amerindians who are not married to an Amerindian yet who reside in Amerindian communities have 9 months to leave our communities or be forcibly evicted, if you are not of provable Amerindian descent and you are married or cohabiting with another non-Amerindian YOU HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHT TO LIVE IN OUR TERRITORY.

Persons of provable Amerindian descent or non-Amerindians who are married to our tribal members are allowed to reside in our territories – but can NEVER possess any house or land in their name, nor any position in any Tribal Government except that of voluntary adviser. Only natural born residents of full or part Amerindian descent may possess a home or parcel of land in our territories – that can only be transmitted to a fellow locally born Amerindian community member.



ALL mineral and natural resources found on, above, or below Amerindian lands and territories – including water – belong to the Amerindians who occupy or traditionally use those lands & territories IN ACCORDANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS RIGHTS LAWS & CONVENTIONS, we REJECT the illegal and imagined authority of the Government of Guyana to grant permission to ANYONE to extract ANY mineral or natural resource from Amerindian occupied or traditionally used lands and territories. ONLY the Amerindian peoples have the authority to decide what to do with our mineral and natural resources; and if we decide to sell our mineral and natural resources WE will decide whom we shall do business with at fair market prices and in the most low-impact environmentally sustainable manner possible.



We DEMAND that the human sex trafficking of Amerindian children and women be made a crime punishable by life imprisonment by the Judiciary of Guyana, if the National Laws of Guyana are not altered to reflect this demand in 9 months we will expose the names of various public officials – from low to high ranking – and well-known private persons in Guyanese Society who are profiting from this illegal human trade and also those who are patronizing the many back street brothels all over Guyana where sex with Amerindian children is occurring. The names of the many prominent persons we can expose will cause the collapse of your so-called ‘Respectable Society’. Furthermore, the APLF will begin arresting and sentencing any person we capture that is engaged in this evil practice and crime against humanity.



We DEMAND that ALL remaining Amerindian Lands and Territories be officially demarcated within 9 months and be titled and recognized as irrevocable autonomous territories under the administration of the Tribal Councils of each, NO government of Guyana has any legal right under International Law to revoke the titled land of ANY Amerindian Tribal Nation or community ANYWHERE in Guyana; neither does any Government of Guyana have ANY right to interfere with the electoral process in Amerindian Communities in Guyana; your bankrolling of political pimps that belong to the ruling party in Amerindian Communities during Amerindian community elections – so that you will have obedient leaders who follow your orders – has come to an end. Amerindian Leaders are supposed to be politically neutral, any leader who puts the desires of a political party over the needs of his or her own people is guilty of Treason to his own race and will be severely dealt with by members of the Amerindian People’s Liberation Front.



We DEMAND that the Guyana Police and Defence Force cease with immediate effect – their illegal presence and patrols on Amerindian territories and in Amerindian communities UNLESS free prior and informed consent & permission has been granted to the Guyana Police and Defence Force by the Toshao and Village Councils concerned – to enter and transit their territories and communities.

Henceforth – If ANY Amerindian Man, woman or child is physically assaulted, raped or murdered by ANY person (uniformed of not) in Guyana in Amerindian communities or territories – a member of the Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front shall arrest that person and hand them over to the Amerindian People’s Court to face OUR own justice according to OUR laws and traditions.



IF Toshao (Chief) Mario Hastings, or ANY other current or former Amerindian Toshao in Guyana, or any of Amerindian People’s Liberation Front (APLF) members, supporters, spokespersons or representatives is arrested or harmed in any way by persons employed by the Coastlander Government of Guyana (uniformed or not) for ANY non-violent act whilst standing up for their Internationally recognized Human Rights and defending the rights of Amerindian Peoples and our autonomous territories (and this INCLUDES preventing mining in currently occupied and traditionally used Amerindian territories)….then WE – the Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front (APLF) – as sworn Defenders of ALL Amerindian Peoples of Guyana; will consider such an action to be AN ACT OF WAR and a DELIBERATE PROVOCATION by the Government of Guyana – and we shall respond accordingly.


“We seek a redress of long-standing imbalances and grievances and we want to create an honest and equitable dialogue between the oppressor and the oppressed, neither do we see armed struggle and guerrilla war as the ONLY way to achieve this solution – but if the Government of Guyana ignores our peaceful and legitimate INTERNATIONAL LAW SUPPORTED demands then it SHALL become our LAST resort! In war the decisive factor is not the military confrontation but the politics at stake in the confrontation. We will not go to war merely to kill or be killed, but we WILL go to war in order to achieve justice and stop our rights being denied and trampled underfoot by the non-indigenous majority who have become deaf to our long standing grievances and drunk with their own illegally exercised and imposed power. The future of our unborn Amerindian generations depends on US the generation of today – to take a final and decisive stand for OUR rights once and for all! The current unjust status quo that relegates us Amerindians to the level of being mere captive onlookers and beggars living with the surface rights of animals only – on gold and diamond rich occupied lands that the Creator saw fit to give to US – that uninvited foreigners have been stealing from under our feet with impunity for over 500 years HAS NOW COME TO AN END! We call on all who stand for Justice and Indigenous rights to support us in our struggle, the ‘frontier’ has been lost almost everywhere else in the world – help us to keep ours – one of the last on God’s green Earth – from the hands of destruction that are desecrating mother Earth! Ours is not the cause of ‘Capitalism’ or ‘Communism’ – we fight for INDIGENISM, a code of honor and harmony with all of creation that ALL of humanity once lived by – for ALL races of men have ancestral roots in an indigenous people somewhere….most have just forgotten this inner truth for technology gradually numbs the soul to unseen realities, do not write in praise of our actions this day after we have become a lifeless example of urbanized mans sad history of inhumanity to native peoples, help us now whilst we yet live – for we are all children of the one God above!


Commander Imenari (Eastern Front), Commander Kokoi (Southern Front),

Commander Timenneng (Western Front), Commander Piriki-ki (Northern Front)



NB – The Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front (APLF) has retained the services of International Human Rights Lawyer Mr. Ghazali Ohorella of the Indonesian Occupied Republic of Maluku in the South Pacific. Private persons wishing to offer anonymous humanitarian support to the APLF may make contact via e-mail : aplfcampaign@live.com …the Government of the Republic of Guyana is also invited to open a civilized private dialogue with the APLF High Command via the e-mail address provided; if the political goodwill exists – together a peaceful and equitable solution CAN be found…however, any uncivilized (threatening/insulting etc.) communications from the Government of the Republic of Guyana WILL be publicized for the world to see; moreover – ANY hostile acts from the Government of Guyana via the Guyana Defence Force or the Guyana Police Force will result in the Amerindian Peoples Liberation Front officially launching a nationwide offensive on a scale unprecedented in the history of the English speaking Caribbean – and the APLF requesting of the Organisation of American States and the United Nations to intervene as neutral 3rd parties as a prerequisite for the start of ANY Peace talks in the armed conflict that will inevitably ensue from any such hostile actions by the Guyana Government.


To communicate, contact via email : aplfcampaign@live.com

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