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What Came Before, Powerful Art of Movement

What Came Before, Powerful Art of Movement


“We are stars from the first creation.
We dance in love to the drum
the heartbeat of mother earth.”

illuminates the longstanding and often unrecognized relationship between Native Americans and African Americans. Survivors of genocide and slavery, these communities are the greatest cultural contributors of our era and to this moment, still oppressed in very real legal, economic & political ways. All of our liberation is bound up in one each other’s. We cannot allow manufactured differences to continue to divide us.

In a magical moment on a Brooklyn playground, these rich cultural traditions converge, both challenging and learning from one another while recognizing their similarities across struggle, expression, and resilience; creating new foundations, new archetypes and symbologies for a powerful recognition of the sacred nature of song & dance.

Directed by Jon Boogz & Don Jay Twobears
Story by Sol Guy, Jon Boogz, DJ Two Bears and Rafe Scobey-Thal
Produced by Katy Hallowell, Rafe Scoobey-Thal
Executive Producers: Dominique Kun and Sol Guy

Movement Artists:
Poppers | Jon Boogz, Cris She Streeter, Amaleke Bradley
Fancy Dancers | DJ Two Bears, Canku OneStar, Tyler Thurman
Music: Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez, Emcee One, Chizz