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Water Protectors Halt Construction of Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Water Protectors Halt Construction of Bayou Bridge Pipeline

July 3rd 2018

Louisiana – message from L’eau Est La Vie Camp

This morning, 3 water protectors locked themselves to equipment on a Bayou Bridge Pipeline construction site, halting construction.

In total, five people were arrested as part of the action.

These folks took action to demand that the predominantly African American community of St. James, which is surrounded by tank farms, refineries, and other fossil fuel industry infrastructure, be given an evacuation route. Currently only one road leads in and out of St. James and in the event of an inevitable pipeline disaster, residents could be trapped.

The action is happening at a work site in Louisiana’s sensitive coastal zone, where the pipeline company is currently under a judge’s orders to stop construction. Bayou Bridge LLC is defying that order and not only continuing construction in the fragile coastal zone, but accelerating it.

CALL LOUISIANA GOVERNOR EDWARDS NOW – demand that he stop construction in the coastal zone and give St James an evacuation route:

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Water Protectors Halt Construction of Bayou Bridge Pipeline

As the Bayou Bridge Pipeline threatens the Atchafalaya Basin and entraps the community of St. James, Water Protectors locked down to equipment to stop this. These actions were done humbly and prayerfully. So often our opposition wants to portrary as erratic but see here for yourself. Currently 5 Water Protectors remain behind bars, bail is set at $3000.00 a piece! Please consider donating and reposting this video.

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