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By: Dana Lone Hill

Did you think we would lie back like a buffalo and wallow

Just because we are from a reality too bitter for you to swallow

Did you think we would hang our heads like the End of the Trail

Just because your blue eyes are screaming at us to fail

Did you think we would stomp and cry a Trail of Tears

Just because we all know that we were always here.

Well then, you have no idea just who we are

I really don’t care if you think you have the upper hand by far

I don’t care for your white-bread-crusts-cut-off-suburban tupperware

Not when our children are living in an American third world warfare

So lets come on down and make a deal

Pretend you care, we’ll pretend your world is real

Pretend you like us, we’ll pretend it makes us feel

But just so you know that who we really are

Are Indians without their land but we still have the stars

And we are Indians who look to the horizon when we stand

Indians who know that we can

So go ahead smile your saccharine and pretend to like us while you mistreat us

We’ll pretend we care while knowing you’ll never defeat us