Last Real Indians

Tule mat by Kuni Tyrone Ross Thompson

The tule mat is the center
it brings together Nations’ & nourishes health
but it often loses it’s power
Frequently losing it’s wealth
behind neglected knowledge
& like obsidian has deep roots within earth
Adapted into a table
generation after generation
exchanges of empowering fable
Few tales lost under colonization
the Dreamers discord
reminding others of the confliction
One reply was unreal
by standards of enrollment
the vanguard of being real
A vile defense of this sentiment
the blind deny others existence
for the sake of pride & weaken tenet
Despite these battles that are useless
born two centuries too late but center
the knowledge that circles back nonetheless
Guiding others back to original power
in the turmoil of finding self-love
incessant as a wildflower.

By Kuni Tyrone Ross Thompson Wyampum NiiMiiPuu