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The Murder of the Last Native President of Maluku

The Murder of the Last Native President of Maluku

10 years ago I saw Indonesia send two agents to the UN – to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to look for the Alifuru lady ex-freedom fighter leader Pelpina Sahureka (who was a fellow student with me on my UN training course) of the Indigenous Republic of South Maluku who resisted the Indonesian invasion – and we alerted the office of the Secretary Genera of United Nations – and we made a news story about that too, so they would not get away with such criminal behavior …like their CONTINUING criminal treatment of the 84 year old widow of the last Indigenous President of the Republic of South Maluku – Dr Robert Christiaan Soumokil – whom the Indonesians murdered publicly on 12 April 1966 and then hid his body to this day…no government in the world or NGO his aged widow has approached has offered to try to help her find out where her husbands remains are, she wants closure before she departs this world…it is not merely her request – IT IS HER HUMAN RIGHT TO KNOW.

Above – The beautiful and late Great Alifuru Freedom Fighter & resistance leader Pelpina Sahureka

Alifuru Indigenous President of the Republic of South Maluku (illegally invaded & still occupied by the rogue state of Indonesia), Freedom Fighter and Leader – Dr Robert Christiaan Soumokil…was arrested by Indonesian occupational forces on 2 December 1963, he was executed by them on 12th April 1966…from that day till today, the Indonesians have continued to hide the place where they disposed of his body, his widow is 84 years old now; and all she (and EVERY other Alifuru indigenous person) wants before she leaves this to know where their last leader is buried….this is NOT a crime…it IS a HUMAN RIGHT! The Dutch government (as former Colonial occupier) was beseeched by this grandmother to simply ASK the Indonesian Government for this info…they refused, and no other Government or NGO has made any attempt to help her….listen to the raw uncut & unedited interview here:


by Damon Corrie

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