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The Five Islands & Celilo Falls, By the Wyampum “Kuni” – From Tyrone Ross Thompson

The Five Islands & Celilo Falls, By the Wyampum “Kuni” – From Tyrone Ross Thompson

It was the five islands that gave birth to all life

Every life that would provide an unnumbered record of indigenous life

That had connected

Everything essential created

By the supreme & divine power

Gave birth to a sincere spiritual power

But only a little light remains because the fallacy

Of monetary value would replace and destroy

The ancient place in the name of imperialism

And with it the sickness cycle of capitalism

Will divide & conquer would get rid of any pride

In exchange for slave paper and those few still continue to hide

Behind colonial masters after March 10 nineteen fifty seven imperial

Rule would like to think man has the power of heaven & this continual

Logic endures has even infested

Indigenous minds to be nothing but tamed

Beings held with strings playing

And giving into the oppressive scheme for a few crumbs & titles allowing

Only limited growth

A meager worth

The price paid is a few of monarchy committees decide & govern

The concern and life for others it is like the cogs never learn

They embody the basic oligarchy elements & each renewal is reminiscent

To the oppressors colonial legacy from the beginning most forget the true tenet

Of their roots and origins that was once secure

Undisturbed, untouched, or disrupted by any outside influence that was once pure

A true spiritual power that led people to have powerful dreams beyond this reality

A society in existence for unnumbered centuries lives amongst humanity

Although a conviction has been divided lost amongst it all liberation

Is needed for self and multiplied rapidly for others & united for a sincere revolution


By Kuni Tyrone Ross Thompson Wyampum NiiMiiPuu