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Ring like a Cedar Tree by Kuni, Tyrone Ross Thompson

Ring like a Cedar Tree by Kuni, Tyrone Ross Thompson

Ring like a Cedar Tree.

My biggest fear was dieing
a mute, until the Matriarchs
showed me the roots again but this grieving
was stagnant like oil in reservoirs diluting
The source and in recent
years people said they was disappointed
in this political stance with vehement
reactions, in seconds into life resentment.
This web of the interconnection
of our own internal
conflicts of enrolled affiliation
or indigenous kinship connection.
Individuals say they’re out to destroy
patriarchal structured lineage
but participate in institutions that are another loyalty
enrollment being the tool of oppressive humanity.
Those minuscule seconds compared
to the 162 years
of being unheard
the confliction of what is compromised.
It was 1910 when the survey
began on the Columbia River
the X plot to destroy indigenous humanity
decades later Celilo Falls became buried history.
Five years before lady justice
was presented with a business
using supreme law for tribal malice
& a main supplement became superior right for produce.
The open wound
of endless bleeding
ignoring how we’re Colonial bound
the demise of spiritual ground.
Struggling to find sincere affection
in the oppressive chaos
a constant battle of resolve and connection
but vanity often usurps any communication.
Blood quantum continues diluting
nearly everyone’s lineage but the Matriarchs
persevere, add rings like a cedar tree & heal grieving
My indigenous name is known and no longer fear dieing.

By Kuni, Tyrone Ross Thompson NiiMiiPuu Tenino Wyampum Indian of the Columbia River.






(Picture: Celilo 2018)