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Rapid City Regional Hospital Statement Regarding Rally

By  :  Evelyn Red Lodge

*In recent weeks, RCRH has been under tremendous fire. In the interest of fairness, Lastrealindians is publishing their statement.

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Rapid City Regional Hospital Statement Regarding Rally

Statement per Tim Sughrue, CEO Rapid City Regional Hospital, CEO Regional Health Network, COO Regional Health:

This afternoon a meeting took place at Rapid City Regional Hospital. Hospital representatives, including Tim Sughrue, CEO of RCRH, met with the leaders of the rally. We believe the meeting provided an opportunity to learn more about each other’s perspectives.

Rapid City Regional Hospital is an organization of people who have dedicated our lives to healing others. We are deeply committed to providing excellent care to everyone, regardless of race. No one at RCRH would stand by idly and allow abuse to occur in this hospital.

We proactively seek feedback from patients and we listen to their concerns. Upon admission, patients are provided a document outlining their rights and who to call if they have concerns. Administration, Directors, and Supervisors routinely visit with patients, inquire about their care, and answer any questions. Our Patient Relations team works with patients to address individual concerns. Additionally, we have a team of people who randomly survey patients about their care they received once the patient returns home. In the rare instances when a patient has a complaint, we investigate it thoroughly. If a patient files a complaint with local law enforcement or an outside regulatory organization, then we fully cooperate in the investigation with all local, state, or federal agencies.

Once again, in the absence of a written release, we are severely restricted from commenting on the care of any patient. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the specifics of any case if allowed to do so by the patient or their representative.

We at RCRH are confident of the care we provide without bias or consideration of race, religion, national origin or payer classification.