Sinew & Symbols by Tyrone Ross Thompson

Trauma Informed Care Conference

I heard tales of healing

witnessed the lifetime affluence

with temporary appearance.

At will divides sovereignty

Do womxn only get these colonial seal letters?,

footnotes and headers of divided community

yet tell the world we're united with humility,

each longhouse has a tale of character

questioned with at will words

the environment with limited prosper

the constant and ever present anger,

is this the era of living departed?

the fallacy of Chief's

ringing bells that are tainted

Love for the missing and murdered, all the while subjugated

work places with petty one upmanship

governed with republican feathers

the pretty attire with conflicted relationship

IRA/BIA acceptance of blood quantum or Matrilineal kinship.

For three days there was confidence

like the departed returned through Washani

and had danced with us in elegance

but immediate family had at will experience.

Visitors shared tears & celebration,

the pain into breathe of life

the ambition of redemption

the living prophecies of Revolution.

Despite this, seems like the surname

of Treaty Signers

can only succeed with the pattern of a colonial game,

is this place for anyone connected with a River Name?,

In travels just within the same reservation boundary

heard the language teacher's lineage

was denied their humanity.

A resentment of a living legacy.

The colonial seals temporary influence.

Love & acceptance is more common with foreigners.

Glass beads of sinew & symbols, remind us of elegance,

the endurance of survival; & searching for sincere collective purpose.

By Tyrone Ross Thompson

Wyampum Nez Perce

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