Jun 6, 2017 - Seattle Activists Shut Down JPMorgan Chase Bank, Again

Seattle, WA – For the second time in the past month, a coalition of Native and non-Native water protectors shut down a JPMorgan Chase bank in downtown Seattle over the funding of Tar Sands pipelines.

On June 2nd, the coalition organized a day of action targeting Chase bank that included several people closing their accounts and a take over and closing down of a downtown branch.

The action follows a May 8th city-wide effort that saw several hundred people shut down 13 Chase banks. 26 people were arrested. The coalition is demanding that JPMorgan Chase not give loans to TransCanada to build the Keystone XL pipeline, or other Tar Sands pipelines.

In April, the same coalition got the Seattle city council to pass a resolution that stated the city would reject bids from any bank that gives loans to build Tar Sands pipelines.

Let’s be clear, the Keystone XL pipeline, like the Dakota Access pipeline, the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and the others coming out of the Tar Sands and Bakken oil fields are nothing more than modern day examples of colonialism. United, together, we stand in firm opposition these pipelines and the financial institutions that fund them.” ~adds Matt Remle (Lakota)

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