Apr 19, 2017 - Three Sided Coin by “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson

A generation gap & enrollment has a certain sentiment
often exclusive with bourgeois being the consistent
attempted dialogue turned into being vile
systolic feeling of resentment
Identity questioned again among kinship
like I walked from the gangplank into colonial boundary
words added threads to the noose
but older ones are supposed to led our kinship?
This worldview is able to see past the reactionary infliction
at attempted subjugation by a imaginary
conquered rule and I choose
to move forward beyond petty infliction
Tried to attack personal habits & identity
I was trying to communicate what sovereignty
is contradicted on a larger scale
not enrolled to your tribe so I have no right or humanity
For capitalist Indians there’s three sides to a coin
talk about being family on Washani soil
later cutthroat kinship for entitled land
and loving the colonizer for the elite coin
But I don’t follow that metric but a circle
I lived through a suicidal turmoil
learned that concrete inundated the homeland
this life’s work is just the sliver of the circle
This heart’s four chambers is growing past resentment
Finding self-love is the consistent
despite the systemic racism that is vile
still searching for others with similar and certain sentiment

One Love to all Nez Perce, Wyampums, & all other Indigenous Nations searching to Decolonize

Last Real Indians