Mar 13, 2017 - Caricature of History by “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson

As a Wyampum our identity
is not limited to western narrative
we can define our humanity
exposing the contradiction
of oppressors false non fiction
The skulls wars battling
the distortion of conquer
contradiction in writing
our Washani patriarch idolized
after death but in life wasn’t heard
In a western story
the Wyampum patriarch
was compared to an athlete of legacy
Jim Thorpe remains powerful
both figures influential
For a near century
the athlete’s departed body didn’t have merit
adoration of limited loyalty
oppressors only love one image
not voices labeled with rage
Or the words of our origin
that connects to the world
Wyam patriarch planted seeds to know where we begin
because people are defined
relentless division and enrollment subjugated
For 162 years they had a few compromise
creating a sick environment
energies conflicting to our own demise
as if they can fractionalize
all 270 bones, four chambers of the heart, & demonize
Anyone if they hint at any remembrance
to our own indigenous roots
accord with inherent elegance
not defined by colonial rule or history
but voices of our own humanity
Celilo Falls will always be remembered
reconnect to a hemp time ball
create our kinship stronger and connected
to a sacred space
that continues our existence

By “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson Nez Perce Wyampum

(First image Celilo Falls Indian village from Kuna Family collection

Second image Celilo Falls dates taken unknown

Third image of Tommy “Kuni” Thompson, Henry “Pi-usha” Thompson, Tyrone Ross Thompson with my grandfather Moses Jerome Thompson Kuna Family collection )

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