Jun 28, 2016 - Umbilical Cord by Tyrone Ross Thompson

Non Treaty died when you elevated your self
above other people
cutting off roots with colonial wealth
a pin needle can slight
their ego and every night
They’ll relentlessly rumor monger
with constant energy
a character assassin until they feel better
within a caste there is no humility
capable to marginalize their own indigenous humanity
Could keep it a hundred with a linear
mind set but it’s subjugated
a circle is needed to survive & empower
forever expanding & inclusive with a matriarchy
lost their balance of original society
But I have my own imperfection
a set of weakness and faults
a self-hate into a rage of addiction
inanimate purpose divided by lost love
but I can’t allow colonization absolve
All that I am & still a vivid memory
of the issue of a name
like being buried with no history
it hurts to have no significance
self immolation thoughts denied life’s elegance
Self-loathing into darkness
attempted to have identity erased
into nothing but regardless
searching for others whose trajectory
is beyond self interest with sincere humility
As I celebrate another year
pushing forward relentlessly
not defined by others & still here
looking for others who continue centuries of resistance
strength of foresight & remain with persistence
To think generations ahead of our own merit
build a sincere kinship
that supports & becomes a powerful habit
that gives honest recognition
to each other for sincere transformation

Last Real Indians