Jun 23, 2016 - The Death Triangle by Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni” NiiMiiPuu Wyampum

Only pretending for sovereignty
We should start to humanize
Each other & allow to be a community
Severe numbers with self-immolation
But how long will we minimize
One another?, enrolled numbers creation
Has cultivated a institutional
Force with a mind of oppressive
Standards, dividing indigenous roots into political
Oligarchs in a desolate
Environment and they’ve created
A social enemy a innate
Unconscious for cultivated colonization
A bias that has demonized
An entire generation
Without any personal negative
Habit and tribal ascendancy contradicted
A invincible noose of colonial struggle but yet live
The bigotry is fully developed
They’ve given salmon an intolerance
As if they had the power to have trained
The eyes of salmon to place
Others below them and tries to destroy anyone
Who addresses the inverse of humanity
And gladly defend colonization methods against everyone
That questions the order
Out of chaos of imbued insanity
Want instant solution without building power
Future generations won’t see a community
They’ve already begun to dehumanize
Their presence & they’ll only see the jest of sovereignty

by Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni” NiiMiiPuu Wyampum

Last Real Indians