May 8, 2016 - Unmatched Love by “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson NiiMIiPuu Wyampum

Often the subject of ridicule in a patriarchy
World a twisted society
That constantly divided
And defines beauty
Yet the single mother
Survives with elegance & power
But guarded of the kinship
At first it was a brother & sister relationship
Raised by the grandparents & a love guarded
Feelings of insecurity
Rejecting being abandoned
Questioning the loyalty
Of our connection
A arrogance with no humility
In ignorance treated
You wrong and damaged
Feelings but would heal & balance
Learning in sacred space
Of our connection in Washani
Of Celilo & its divine place
Despite that a vanity
Constructed by a foreigner society
Lost within turmoil
Standards of concrete over soil
Astray within the illusion
Measuring by the oppressors
Fallacy of a family unit & all a contradiction
It destroyed any power
Of self-worth
Limited with every hour
The abuse of a ardent
Habit with nothing elegant
A insanity cycle that drove
Negative energy & divided love
Forgive me for all the ignorance
Of hate but thankful you help to move
And create a healing
A resurgence for continual living
A ensured mothers love
The Indigenous power of unmatched love

by “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson NiiMIiPuu Wyampum

Last Real Indians