Mar 7, 2016 - Wyampum Mother (Happy Birthday poem) by Tyrone Ross Thompson “Kuni”

Today is my mother’s day
Blessed with yet another year
But some regrets don’t go away
That I felt burdened
With an internal whirlwind of rage & anger
Consume & deny how we’re connected
Sorry for all the ignorance
Of my addiction trying to numb
Through a vice of self-hate compliance
Sorry for the years of disappointment
Treating you more like a sibling
Than a mother
All insincere thinking
Sorry I let the rumor mongers
Destroy a mother’s love
A elegance once forgotten but grows stronger
Although you teach to forgive
A strength I can’t understand
Still imparting forgiveness to live
Despite if others think I chose my father
You ignore them & always with mother’s love
A Wyampum woman with supreme power

Last Real Indians