Sep 3, 2015 - Obama Seeks to Highlight Climate Change in Alaska: Indigenous Communities Protest Decision to allow Arctic Drilling

On August 31st, President Obama traveled to Alaska in effort to highlight the impacts of climate change.  In response, Alaskan Native villages and other Indigenous communities from Alaska to the coasts of Washington and Oregon held demonstrations to highlight the Presidents dismal environmental record including his most recent decision to allow Shell oil to drill in the Arctic Ocean.

Solidarity actions were held in Anchorage, Seattle and Portland against Obama’s recent decision to allow Shell Oil to resume drilling in the Arctic Ocean, stating his trip to talk about climate change while allowing for Arctic drilling amounted to hypocrisy.

Indigenous land defenders also pointed out other Obama administration anti-environmental decisions such as; exempting fracking from many environmental regulations on both public and private lands, over seeing the largest increase in oil and natural gas drilling in recent history and the recent decision to allow for off shore drilling off of the Atlantic coast and in the Arctic Ocean.

If he wants to talk climate change then he should start by reviewing his administrations own environmental record, which has seen record numbers in oil and gas production on public & private lands and now off shore drilling (in both the Arctic and off the Atlantic coast). It would also be good to reverse his administrations decision to exempt fracking from environmental laws. Giving nice talks might fool some, but a deeper look at ones actions reveals the hypocrisy.”  ~Matt Remle (Lakota)

From Seattle’s march, rally and die in against Arctic drilling photo by Alex Garland



Matt Remle (with drum) with climate justice leaders at Seattle’s Federal building. Photo by Alex Garland



Janette Camacho of Anchorage holds a sign reading “Keep Alaska Cool.” Photo credit: Mark Meyer / GreenpeaceOil


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