Sep 22, 2015 - How to Outrun the White Man in His Own Shoes- First Nations and Industrial Hemp, by Dallas Courchene

It’s multifaceted, but hear it out because the big picture is how it works.

We receive monies for housing which must be spent. We can grow and process hempcrete – mold/fire/pest/water proof, 40%-60% less cost than traditional materials, lasts hundreds of years, cuts hearing and cooling costs by up to 70%, renews the soil (hemp), can be built by crew of 4 in 10 days, and will produce $100,000,000 the first year IF we have agreements with about 100 reservations to supply materials to build a certain amount of houses.

Also, as far as I can tell, there are no cons or downsides. In fact, the processing plant we require can actually be made with hempcrete (which also regulates heat and cold naturally, further cutting heating/cooling costs) and combine with solar – we’d generate electricity, and hempcrete absorbs 35 kilograms of CO2 emissions per cubic foot. In other words, not only will be not consuming anything, we will be generating and improving.

From this collective venture (treaty alliance) each band member has stock in and thus say in how funds are distributed. Hemp exports to the U.S (where its illegal to grow) have exploded to $500 million a year – a number limited to lack of farmers farming hemp – while the global hemp economy is valued at $125 Billion a year. Hemp byproducts have many other uses, and hemp crops are currently more lucrative than any other plant grown in the world including wheat and canola. Hemp biodiesel, hemp based plastics, high strength hemp fibreglass, and 3D printing can be used to replace the automotive and oil industries.

From this alliance we can implement a food / grocery network (cutting costs while providing delivery) further consolidating our funds from bleeding into nearby settler cities/towns. This warehousing and distributing plan is currently in the planning phases with approval of Long Plain Chief and Council. We can then even expand into investments like a blimp for low cost food to northern communities, and telecoms system (now only $10 million to launch a microsatellite) to provide free education via online classes.

The hemp industry is set to become mainstream, with positioning as a world leader in this – hemp products sold worldwide could supplement the hundreds of millions made in other sales to the general public.

The world will see indigenous peoples rising up and renewing the planet in the process. Our model of working together to benefit all – not hoarding to one’s self – will show the world how to live, as prophecy states the world will do in our time. They will come to learn of our ways, and the world doing this would inspire many to be good ambassadors to the world, reviving our traditions, ways, and language.

We have only a small window to do this, but the spinoffs from this can change the world forever.

The income generated (after operating costs and expansion) will be spent according to each band members stock. In other words, if one person represents $10,000, they decide if that money is invested in expansion, education, recreation, or other needs. This way, no corruption nor hoarding is possible, plus it encourages working together with others which benefits the whole.
When we aim to give and assist – no one lives without, and all can develop to their best selves and contribute their unique and needed gift to the community.

The 7th Generation prophecies state the Mohawk nation will rise up to demand that their right and stewardship over the land be respected and restored…. with this sort of endeavor – they would do just that as every reservation can grow hemp. I believe this is the time our ancestors spoke of, and this is one way we can achieve this.

When our model works, we can help 2nd and 3rd world countries alleviate their poverty as well – showing them a way of life that benefits all, including the environment.

Equal distribution of revenue and accountability are to be ensured to alleviate concerns of corruption.

This is why every band member owns stock – to make what we produce Indian property under the Indian Act, thereby tax free, and ensures accountability, prevents corruption, encourages collaboration, and gives each person a voice and power to enact changes tailored to each unique reservations issues.

With all hemp and hemp products tax free, further ensuring a market share of the $125 Billion a year global market for hemp by offering lower cost hemp material and products. Not to mention hemp fuel for vehicles, renewal of land where the hemp grows (without pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer), hemp foods, hemp exports, hemp plastics, food distribution network, internet / education networks, and yearly revenue for further developments.

Over 100 Chief and Councils must approve this plan in unison. Then, we can access 30% of the $100 million – $30 million for the processing plant required. They must all see the big picture – we can save ourselves by saving each other and aiming to only benefit the whole. The capitalistic system used to oppress us we can use to free ourselves and many others. We can show them how it’s done, how a community and nation should operate with integrity and honor.

I will follow the white man’s trail. I will make him my friend, but I will not bend my back to his burdens. I will be cunning as a coyote. I will ask him to help me understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children, and their children. The Great Spirit has shown me – a day will come when they will outrun the white man in his own shoes.” – Many Horses

Dallas Courchene, Ojibwe from Treaty #1 territory, battled with suicide for over 2/3rds of his life which all changed at the age of 16 when he set out on a path of recovery and self actualization which has led to speaking engagements on the topic of overcoming suicide as far as BC, Toronto, and San Diego to meet with personal development experts and spiritual leaders from Indigenous and foreign backgrounds. With over a decade of research in the area of eliminating crime, abuse, violence, alcoholism, and poverty – Dallas has sought ways for First Nations peoples to rise from the intergenerational effects of colonialism and genocide. From obtaining audiences with politicians internationally, spiritual leaders, presidents of organizations such as the Delancey Street Foundation, and heads of industry such as Virgin Mobile founder Sir Richard Branson and best selling author Mark Victor Hansen, to most recently organizing rallies and pioneering the use of livestream for Idle No More teach-ins, Dallas continues to share his gifts and passion for the upliftment of future generations.

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