Aug 6, 2015 - For Ann Antelope Samuels Coeur d’alene 4/18/1900 – 2/4/2006 By “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson

This lady of a stature of five feet
Is my first memory of reading
over the breakfast table she would meet
Her husband with the newspaper and each morning
And each day was greeted with the sunrise
Her relationship exemplified loyalty
And the loss of her husband would be the first demise
That would impact and would notice her facial expression & agony
A boundless experience of numbness
at any moment and any instance
Death presents itself and the feeling of being powerless
But i got to experience this woman with all elegance
Continue on but she didn’t live to see how instrumental
She had become for my life
Her example became a monumental
Aspiration for forming a reading habit in life
Although it seems at every bookstore
Through out all the years I’ve experienced
Beliefs in ignorance guessed on skin color & labeled in a bookstore
Is it because of the darker skin, the Pendleton coat, & a medallion thats beaded
Sometimes from the entrance and being there for hours I’m often ignored
I’ve often thought what their false assumption
Could it be because a indigenous being we was demonized
Five centuries ago & ever since but the one that was present is looking for redemption
For breaking down the pestilence of historical trauma in a society
That was brutal against my own first mentor, great grandmother; & teacher
Who was afraid to speak her language & identity
Was attempted to be stripped of power
Unknowing to any of the judgmental workers the struggle of our world
Fortunate to be guided by a woman that would be a century old elder
Who led a life of two masks, two lives, & amongst one world
The washani in secret and a storyteller but survived through it all
She had gifted with example a discipline for reading
And also to build humility, loyalty, and to stand tall
Her symbol of life set up a dedication in a attempt to improve indigenous living

Last Real Indians