“I just wish to set the record straight as to my creation & involvement in these limited CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games 3 years ago in September 2012 to be precise (see poster attached), and I financially sponsor 90% of all associated costs of holding these games (including the return airfares to bring in Kalinago-Carib athletes from Dominica) – with the Village Council, friends and family donating the final 10%.

Prior to 2012 and since 2007 I used to sponsor a series of sporting events annually for the Lokono-Arawak people of Pakuri (St. Cuthberts’) alone.

Since I began to bring Kalinago-Carib Athletes from the Caribbean island of Dominica to Guyana in 2012 – so that we can have a minimum of 2 countries and 3 different Amerindian Tribes participating, it has become a de-fact (albeit small scale) ‘CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games…. as I can only do so much out of my own pocket, and I always have the support and blessing of whomever is the current Toshao (Chief) of Pakuri Territory (aka ‘St. Cuthbert’s Mission) in Region 4. In 2012 it was Toshao Pierre Andrews, and in 2015 it is Toshao Lenox Shuman who have enthusiastically supported the Games.

The end of the Inter Tribal Games held on Pakuri (St. Cuthbert’s Mission) Lokono-Arawak Territory in Guyana on Saturday 16th August 2015 was the Men’s Race and Boys & Girls 12 & under races, for which the 1st place Gold Medals were presented by Mr. Mervyn Williams – Special Adviser to The Honorable Minister of Indigenous Affairs Mr. Sidney Allicock, Silver Medals were presented by His Excellency Chief Lenox Shuman of the Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation of Pakuri Territory, and Bronze Medals were presented by Mr. Steve Campbell; with all prize money presented by Mr. Damon Gerard Corrie, creator and sponsor of these Inter-Tribal Traditional Games on Pakuri Lokono-Arawak Territory in Guyana.
* The prize money for all adult events was GY$15,000 for 1st place, GY$10,000 for 2nd place, and GY$5,000 for third place.

The sole Kalinago-Carib Athlete from Dominica that participated in these Games this year was Miss Arkeyshar Valmond (see photo attached), and she won a gold medal in Archery and a bronze medal in the ladies 3km distance race, however she left when the ladies events were completed at the end of July and therefore was no longer present at the time of the last event (Males 3km race) on Saturday 16th of August 2015 when the Ministry kindly participated. In the men’s Archery event Ziggy O’Selmo (a Lokono-Arawak of Pakuri) won the Gold 1st place Medal.

The ladies 3km cross country race was won by Lokono-Arawak athlete Roshelle Dundas of Pakuri, and the men’s distance race was won by Makushi athlete & member of the Guyana Army – Sylvester Paulinho of St. Ignatius Village in the central Rupununi.

It is my hope and dream that my small scale efforts will catch the attention AND interest of the new Government, and they will one day be able to hold a truly professional & large scale CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games somewhere in Guyana, perhaps even at the National Stadium….Guyana made history by hosting the first CARIFESTA, so why not make history again and host the first comprehensive CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games? I know we can do it – and it will capture the attention of the entire world! ”

In their personal comments Chief Lenox Shuman said:
““There is room for improvement and we intend to use this as one of the primary building blocks in the community,” the Toshao added.”

Adviser to the Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Mr. Mervyn Williams, reflecting on what he saw during the games, stated, “It was a demonstration of will by all the athletes.” He added, “It is the kind of thing we want to continue to encourage in other communities.”

According to Williams, the tribal games displayed the recognition of one’s heritage and represents who they are and what they believe in.

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