Jul 31, 2015 - Washani Woman (For Hunwe Wyampum Dreamer) by “Kuni” Tyrone Ross Thompson

It’s origins are of maternal
And supreme power it gives life to the natural
Tales, stories; historical connection
For centuries defining identification
Of all existence beyond imperial patriarchy
When the invaders arrived
It was above what they comprehended
This a dedication to a woman dreamer
Who predicted and held significant power
Who had died & came back to bring a song
She wore the color yellow & was strong
Enough to bring back the light
Her song is the transition of day into night
This is the reminder
Of the strength of a woman Dreamer
Whose voice continues on with remembrance
Amongst the order out of chaos to use a song of elegance
Although against the odds of imperial brutality
We still remain with significant indigenous humility

Last Real Indians